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Author: Sterling Beacham

What Is a Direct Auto Body Repair Shop?

In most instances where collision repair is required, an insurance company will be involved. These kinds of accidents can greatly affect the value of a vehicle, so they have a vested interest in the results. That is where direct repair body shops come into play. These are simply shops that

What To Do If You Want To Keep Your Totaled Vehicle

When you have suffered a vehicle accident, you are likely to be stressed already. And so, if you then get the news that your car has been totaled, it is likely to make things even worse. While this isn’t true for everyone, many people develop attachments to their particular vehicle.

Why Should I Get Minor Bumper Damage Repaired?

Unfortunately, accidents can happen. Even the safest drivers can experience a minor fender bender. However, accidents do not have to occur on the road. A runaway shopping cart or a slight bump in your garage can be responsible for bumper damage. While you may think it is only a tiny

OEM Parts: Everything You Need To Know

For those who are not overly familiar with automobiles and their various parts, the term “OEM” might be a little bit confusing. People often throw this term around without explaining its meaning, especially on repair invoices and estimates. And so, in order to alleviate that confusion, let’s go ahead and

Why We Advise Against Used Quarter Panels In Collision Repair

Why We Advise Against Used Quarter Panels In Collision Repair

In case you are not aware, your vehicle’s quarter panels can be found between your back tires and your trunk. Because they are located directly at the rear corners of your vehicle, they are fairly likely to take an impact. When a collision occurs, rear quarter panels are among the