Our Repair Goals

We have three goals when repairing a vehicle:

1. Restoring the appearance of the vehicle
2. Restoring the performance and safety of the vehicle
3. Provide lasting repairs with high quality replacement parts and paint

What goes into that repair can be a significant amount of both skilled labor and parts, and, because of that, a fair amount of cost. Today’s automobile designs reflect not only style and looks, but exceptional improvements in passenger safety as well. Although many people become concerned with the extent of the damage to their vehicle, what is important to understand is that much of the damage is done by design: the buckling and crumpling of certain parts on a vehicle show the energy being absorbed by the car instead of the people absorbing the impact.

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Typical Repairs

Repair work typically consists of the following:

  • Estimate
  • Disassembly
  • Frame or structural work
  • Body and plastic work
  • Paint preparation
  • Painting or “refinishing”
  • Assembly
  • Systems check
  • Cleaning and final preparation

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