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Accidents unfortunately happen. From tiny dings in the car door to massive damage caused by a collision, you want peace of mind knowing that your Infiniti is going to look and perform the way it did before the accident when it leaves the body shop. There are many auto body shops in South Jersey that can repair your vehicle, but only Infiniti certified body shops are capable of meeting stringent industry requirements. That is why you should visit an Infiniti Certified Collision Center like Elmer’s Auto Body to have your Infiniti serviced and repaired.

About Infiniti Certified Body Shops

Manufacturers have their own standards of repair, Infiniti included. Therefore, when an auto body shop advertises themselves as Infiniti certified, you know that they are going to provide the best quality service. Every Infiniti Certified Collision Center must have completed certain inspections and evaluations in order to become a part of the Infiniti Certified Collision Repair Network and use the manufacturer’s OEM parts.

As an Infiniti certified body shop, Elmer’s Auto Body promises the following things:

  • Accountability in maintaining Infiniti’s brand standards and quality for technology, performance, and equipment
  • Compliance with vehicle warranties
  • Adherence to Infiniti’s standards of repair
  • Technicians who have been trained and certified by the manufacturer to repair your car
  • Use of Infiniti OEM parts


Because of our relationship with Infiniti, the time spent waiting for OEM parts to be delivered is reduced. This enables our team to provide you with better service in less time.

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What Are Infiniti Collision Replacement Parts?

When you visit an Infiniti Certified Collision Center for automotive repairs, you are guaranteed to receive Original Manufacturer Equipment (OEM) parts. In most cases, OEM parts, such as Infiniti Collision Replacement Parts, are designed by the same engineers who crafted the components that made up your vehicle when you purchased it.

There are some benefits to using OEM parts:

  • You know you are getting quality-assured components. Infiniti Collision Replacement Parts are designed to operate just like the originals. You never have to worry about the replacements functioning differently, in both performance and safety.
  • Infiniti Collision Replacement Parts are rated safer and more durable than most aftermarket and non-OEM parts.
  • OEM parts have warranties. Unlike aftermarket pieces, OEM parts are backed with a one-year warranty. If something happens during that time span, the equipment can be replaced.
  • Maximized resale value. Even if your Infiniti has been in an accident, maintaining a showroom appearance and using OEM parts helps with the resale value.


Why You Should Choose an Infiniti Certified Body Shop

Although Nissan is the parent company of Infiniti, you can’t go putting Nissan or Toyota or aftermarket parts in it and expect great results. Some insurance companies and body shops are going to try to convince you otherwise, but you should never choose non-OEM parts when Infiniti OEM replacement parts are available.

For that reason alone, selecting an Infiniti certified body shop is a wise choice. But, if you are still pondering whether it is worth it, here are some other benefits to choosing an Infiniti body shop for your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs:

  • OEM certifications for higher class manufacturers are rigorous and intensive. Most manufacturers require technicians to undergo extensive training.
  • OEM training can be expensive. It is an investment of time and money for both the auto body shop and the technicians who receive the training. Therefore, you know that any designation did not come easy.
  • OEM certified body shops offer quality assurance. Manufacturers like Infiniti will monitor services provided and the quality of repairs. Many will send inspectors to perform on-site evaluations.
  • Specialized equipment is purchased from the manufacturers for the collision center to assist with repairs. Many makes and models have unique specifications, so a lot of equipment is not universal.
  • Body shops that become certified need to repeatedly re-certify.

At Elmer’s Auto Body, we are already committed to quality and precision, but being an Infiniti certified body shop makes us better than ever. We guarantee that repairs are done to the highest standards. That is why many Infiniti owners come to us for their repairs.

Bottom Line

Auto body shops that have invested hours and money into becoming certified collision centers should be your go-to whenever you need maintenance or repairs. For an Infiniti Certified Collision Center, such certification means the use of specific tools and resources and OEM parts. You can trust Infiniti certified body shops to offer the best service and highest quality repairs.

If you are looking for a Sewell Infiniti body shop, then look no farther than Elmer’s Auto Body. We have technicians who have been trained to repair Infiniti vehicles and utilize all the specialized equipment. Furthermore, we carry certified Infiniti collision replacement parts. Whether your Infiniti has been only slightly scratched or needs extensive repairs, you can trust us to return it back to you exactly as you remember it.

Give us a call or fill out the contact form to learn more about our services.

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