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Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair

Hyundai Certified Body Shop Repairing Your Vehicle With Hyundai Genuine Parts

Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Center

After a collision, you don’t want to waste time searching for a body shop to repair your vehicle. Eliminate the stress of searching for a certified Hyundai body shop. Schedule an appointment at Elmer’s Auto Body. Our technicians are more than knowledgeable about Hyundai repairs; we are a Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Center.

You will receive the best customer service and repairs with us.

Elmer's Auto Body Lifetime Repair Warranty

As a certified Hyundai auto body repair shop, Elmer’s Auto Body provides a lifetime warranty on repairs to your vehicle.

Our technicians are trained on the latest automotive technologies and understand that using aftermarket parts could result in the voiding of your vehicle warranty. In other words, you car is repaired and serviced using only Hyundai-approved standards and OEM parts. 

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We're a Hyundai Recognized Collision Center

If you are looking for reasons why you should choose a Hyundai certified body shop, consider this: you will have your vehicle restored to a like-new appearance. Elmer’s Auto Body also places a lifetime warranty on our repairs and has highly trained and certified technicians working on your Hyundai. Using Hyundai Genuine Parts (OEM parts) also ensures that the factory warranty or resale value on your vehicle isn’t impacted. 

Your car is important to you. That’s why you should use a Hyundai Recognized Collision Center. Here are the benefits of using a Hyundai Certified Body Shop: 

  • Technicians who are trained and certified by Hyundai 
  • Warranties are protected
  • Lifetime warranty for your repairs provided by Elmer’s Auto Body 
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts only
  • Protected resale and trade-in value
  • Polices and standards certified by Hyundai 
  • Paint restored by the most up-to-date technologies 
  • Vehicle is returned to pre-accident state

Hyundai Certified & I-CAR Trained Technicians

Elmer’s Auto Body is the “Hyundai body shop near me,” providing you with technicians who have spent hours training to repair your vehicle. Each technician has undergone specific Hyundai certification which means your factory warranty remains intact. We only use 100 percent authentic Hyundai OEM parts which also helps protect your vehicle’s resale value.

Our technicians follow the rigorous repair standards determined by Hyundai as well. Hyundai designed and manufactured your vehicle a certain way and we want to be sure that the integrity remains after you have been in an accident. 

Furthermore, our technicians have achieved I-CAR Gold Class certification. This means that they are not only qualified to work on your Hyundai, but that they are also some of the best auto body technicians around. You can trust Elmer’s Auto Body to return your car to you in excellent condition. 

Hyundai Certified Body Shop Near Me

The quality of repairs is important to keeping your vehicle safe and in great condition. This means that you should only bring your Hyundai to a Hyundai Recognized Collision Center like Elmer’s Auto Body. 

If you have been in a collision, schedule an appointment with Elmer’s Auto Body today. We are a top-rated Hyundai repair shop and over 75 years of experience. Give us a call today or fill out the contact form. We promise to work hard on your vehicle and get you back on the road sooner than you expected!

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Our Shops have the following industry leading certifications:

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If you are in the need of auto body repairs, contact Elmer’s Auto Body Repair Service today to learn more about our highly trained staff. You can reach us by phone or complete the simple form online to learn more.



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