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Getting back on the road after an accident first means dropping your Kia off at a local body shop. But do you know whether that auto body shop is certified or not? Since many automotive manufacturers have their own guidelines and parts for repairs, choosing the right auto body shop can change the entire experience for the better.

That means that, when your Kia is damaged in a collision, you should go to a Kia certified body shop. Only then will you get the right parts and high-quality work.

About Kia Recognized Collision Repair Centers

Elmer’s Auto Body is a Kia Recognized Collision Repair Center and has certified technicians to handle your vehicle’s repairs. As a certified auto body shop, we guarantee that every repair we do is of the highest quality.

Every Kia certified body shop will:

  • Utilize genuine Kia parts (factory originals) for the repairs
  • Employ trained and certified Kia technicians
  • Maintains safety systems and factory warranties on all parts
  • Adheres to the strict guidelines presented by the manufacturer
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What Are Genuine Kia Parts?

Restoring your Kia to how you remember means using Kia Factory OEM—or original equipment manufacturer—parts. That means a couple of things. First, the genuine parts are going to match the ones that were in your vehicle when it left the factory. Second, they are going to have a manufacturer’s warranty.

Another bonus of using OEM parts for collision repair is that the showroom appearance is maintained. Generic or aftermarket auto parts are oftentimes fabricated to varying standards. Some may not be of the best quality, and that could leave you with mismatched paint colors, unaligned panels, gaps, creases, and faulty trims. Using genuine Kia parts prevents such blemishes from happening.

OEM parts also entail rigorous safety-testing and durability. Since the parts are engineered to meet the same safety standards and production quality as the original equipment, you know that there will be no weak spots on your car, truck, or SUV after repairs.


Why You Should Choose an Infiniti Certified Body Shop

After damage has been done to your Kia, the insurance company may try to send you to a body shop that is part of an insurance DRP program. However, these body shops usually sacrifice the quality of their repair work to make it cheaper for the insurance company. To lower the cost, the body shop picks up aftermarket or used Kia parts that may not be made according to Kia standards.

A Kia certified body shop knows to only use genuine Kia OEM parts for their repairs unless you, the customer, asks for something else.

If that isn’t reason enough to choose a Kia certified auto body shop, then here are a few more advantages to consider:

  • OEM certifications can be difficult to obtain, depending on the complexity of the program offered by the manufacturer. Most programs require specialized equipment training.
  • OEM training is time and money consuming. Any auto body shop with a designation like a Kia Recognized Collision Repair Center has technicians that invested many days in learning about the specific make of car. You know that repairs will be held to the highest standard.
  • Certification enables auto body shops to use tools unique to a certain manufacturer’s vehicles.
  • Most manufacturers—Kia included—closely monitor the quality of collision repairs done at certified auto body shops. Sometimes, they perform on-site inspections.
  • Because certified shops are using OEM parts from the manufacturer, the vehicle’s resale value is maintained.

This all leads up to certified Kia body shops like Elmer’s Auto Body providing repairs that go above and beyond average. You can trust that service will be exceptional. If you own a Kia that has recently been damaged in a collision, do yourself a favor and make an appointment with a Kia certified auto body shop today.

Select Only The Best

Now you know that only the best auto body shops are able to proudly call themselves a certified Kia body shop. This means that you can expect an unbeatable service. Your Kia will be returned to you looking like you just drove it off the dealer’s lot. Don’t accept anything less than a Kia recognized collision repair center like Elmer’s Auto Body.

At Elmer’s Auto Body, our team proudly stands for honest, friendly, and complete service, so you have an exceptional Kia collision repair experience. But we do more than just repair vehicles. We offer the best auto body services around. For a full list of what we can do for you, give us a call or send us an email.

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