Does Car Insurance Cover a Natural Disaster?

Mother nature can be unforgiving and causes a great amount of damages throughout the year. Those damages can affect your property and also your vehicle. After such a calamity, which are often called “Acts of God”, you might be left one question: “Does car insurance cover a natural disaster?” Rather than waiting until something terrible

What is a High Risk Driver?

High risk is a term that can apply to a lot of things right now, like traveling and gathering in large groups and, yes, even driving. However, it is not the act of driving but the driver that is high risk. Those who are stamped with being high risk means that they could lose eligibility

How To Get Your Driving Record

There are many reasons you may want your driving record. Some companies require employees to have a clean driving record or you may be in the market for new insurance and want to be sure there are no surprises. If you live in New Jersey, these are the steps you need to take to get