Do I Need Collision Coverage on My Insurance Policy?

Determining whether you need collision coverage is an important part of any decision making when establishing or re-configuring an insurance policy. There are different insurance coverage choices and collision is one of them. There are reasons for having it and not having it. Here is some general information on collision insurance coverage, just what it covers,

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

It’s one of the oldest and most frustrating problems a car owner can face: A small dent or scratch requires you to get a whole new paint job. Paint jobs aren’t exactly cheap, and it feels silly to repaint the whole thing over one scratch. If you’ve thought this, you might be glad to know

How To Switch Your Car Insurance Company

Switching your car insurance is not an end of the world event. In fact, it’s actually not that complicated. Everyone who owns a vehicle has at one time or another chosen to move on to another provider. With so many insurance carriers glutting the market, and prices fluctuating, there are unending choices and deals to

How do Vehicle Recalls Work?

You saw it on the news or in a consumer-related report that a recall was in the works or you may know a friend or relative who received a recall notice for one of their vehicles. Besides recalls for cars, trucks, SUV’s and other vehicle related items, there are recalls for things like baby carriers,