Common Types of Collision Damage

There are many reasons why your car may incur collision damage, from an auto accident to a tree limb that blows down in a storm. The type of damage makes a difference in how repairs are performed. Understanding the different types of collision damage can help you understand what repairs may be necessary.   Weather

How to Avoid Tow Truck Scams

Cars never want to break down when it is convenient and when yours decides to do so on the side of the road, it can be frightening. Even worse, you may then be at risk for tow truck scams. These tips can help you avoid being the victim of a deceitful tow truck driver the

How to Review Your Car Insurance Policy

Have you ever glanced through an entire car insurance policy? If you have, you know reading and reviewing one can sometimes be a long, boring and arduous process. You want to know the basics rather than plowing through page after page of insurance legalese, but you don’t want to be in the dark either concerning