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Category: Maintenance

Emissions Testing 101: Everything You Should Know

Emissions Testing 101: Everything You Should Know

Emissions Testing has been in existence since the state of California initiated the process in 1966. Subsequently, other states followed suit and required testing. There are 32 states that conduct inspections that have varying factors that influence an emissions inspection. Failure to pass an emissions test means making adjustments and

FAQs For Mechanical Repairs

You hear the term “preventative maintenance” thrown around with machinery – especially vehicles – a lot. You’ve probably never questioned the validity of this idea, after all, it makes sense that regular maintenance to prevent problems before they can happen, would be wise. But, has a mechanic or “gearhead” ever

How To Give Your Car That New Look

Let’s be honest with ourselves – our cars are like our home away from home. We’re in the things an awful lot, commuting to and from work, running errands, taking our family out on their business. We spend most of our lives anywhere but our actual homes, but it’s only

How Do I Change A Tire?

One of the most common “accidents” we encounter with our vehicles, aside from perhaps the errant shopping cart in parking lots, is the flat tire. Tires are, for better or worse, designed to have some give to them. There’s a reason for this – flexibility allows tires to actually last

Is My Car Roadtrip Ready?

Ah, the road trip. Is there anything more iconic in western culture? While this was once a uniquely American tradition born of the post-war infrastructure and economic boom, today, all over the developed world, this has become a popular way to spend holidays, and among many young adults, a rite

Get Your Car Ready For The Summer

Get Your Car Ready For The Summer

Whenever winter is around the corner, you hear a lot about getting things ready for it. This maybe your home, yourself, or your car. And, it makes sense. Winter may be majestic, but it’s really hard on most manmade things, and on mankind as well. Ensuring safety on the road,