Do Fuel Additives Really Work_

Do Fuel Additives Really Work?

Fuel additives are big business. For nearly every make and model of engine out there, there seem to be two or three kinds of fuel additives promising higher fuel efficiency/economy, greater power from fuel, greater longevity for your engine and related systems, et cetera. But, do they actually work? Will these seemingly magical elixirs actually

How To Find Your VIN Number

How To Find Your VIN Number

Your Vehicle Identification Number, most commonly known as the VIN, tells you a lot about your car. Each car’s VIN is unique, much like a social security number is for a person. Your VIN is actually not just a number. It is a combination of letters and numbers each that have something to do with

What Is Horsepower

What Is Horsepower?

When you buy a vehicle, the salesman often talks about horsepower. However, they rarely explain what horsepower actually is and why it is important for your car. Historically, horsepower means exactly what it sounds like it means. What is Horsepower? In 1781, James Watt needed to convince people to stop using horses and purchase his