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Troubleshooting Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

If you have noticed issues with your vehicle’s air conditioning system, you may be able to troubleshoot the problem on your own. Once you think you know what the problem is, you will be better able to explain it to your mechanic when you take it in for repair.

Weak Airflow

There can be many causes for a vehicle air conditioner to experience weak airflow. One cause could be mold or mildew that has accumulated in the evaporator core. This could prevent air from reaching your vents. It could also be as simple as a loose hose, usually a blower hose. If the fan is not blowing at all, your ventilation fan may need to be replaced. Weak airflow could also be caused by core case, blower house or evaporator core seal failure.

Air is Not as Cold

If the air conditioner is not blowing air that is as cold as it used to be, it is important to bring it in for a check as soon as possible. The problem could be a Freon leak, a clogged expansion tube or a refrigerant charging hose. It could also be a failed compressor or compressor clutch, a vacuum leak or damaged condenser or evaporator. A failed blower motor or blower motor resistor can also lead to warmer air from your air conditioner as can a failed switch, fuse, relay, control module, blend door or solenoid. If your air conditioning system has developed a leak, it is considered an open system which could allow moisture to enter the system and damage other parts. For this reason, as soon as you notice the air conditioner is less cool, you need to bring it in for an inspection or you could face very expensive repairs.

Air Starts Cool, then Turns Warm

If your vehicle has a clogged expansion valve, the valve that distrubtes refrigerant to yoru evaporator, it could cause the air conditioner to blow cool air at first before turning warm. This is because refrigerant cannot flow properly with the valve clogged. You may also have a faulty compressor clutch or a blown fuse. This could also indicate a leak which needs to be checked immediately.

Air Conditioner Smells Bad

If you have noticed an unpleasant “gym locker” odor coming from your air conditioner, you may simply need to change your air cabin filter. If the case’s drain is blocked, water may sit in the evaporator and mold can accumulate, leading to the unpleasant smell.

Black Death

One problem that can occur in vehicle air conditioning systems is what is known as Black Death. Although not as gruesome as the plague that killed millions in the 14th century, it is just as deadly to your car’s air conditioning system. Refrigerant in your air conditioner acts as a lubricant, much like oil in your engine when it is running. If the refrigerant breaks down due to leaks or other problems, parts of your air conditioning system can start wearing, sending sharp metal particles throughout the unit. If this should happen, you may need to replace your entire air conditioning unit.

If you are suffering from problems with your air conditioning system after a collision, contact Elmer’s Auto Body today. You can set up an appointment online with the simple query form or give us a call so that we can review your air conditioning system and get you back to riding in comfort.

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