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What Does ADAS Calibration Mean On My Auto Body Repair Estimate?

Reading over your estimate from the auto body repair shop and wondering what in the world “ADAS calibration” means? You’re not the only one. ADAS calibration is not just some fancy lingo meant to increase the price of your repairs. Elmer’s Auto Body believes that, by demystifying repair procedures and

Why Is It So Hard To Find A Trustworthy Auto Shop?

In a perfect world, you could trust those who service your vehicle to do the right thing. You expect nothing but your damaged car to be returned to you in perfect condition. What you don’t suspect is that the auto body shop may be going behind your back, covering up

Do Auto Repair Shops Report To CARFAX?

“Show me the CARFAX!” You probably heard the catchphrase before and remember the fox mascot from commercials, but have you ever thought about how a simple CARFAX could affect you? Usually, a CARFAX report saves buyers from purchasing a lemon that will only be a nightmare later on. There are

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What Are The Pros & Cons Of Electric Cars?

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Electric Cars?

How many hallmarks of science fiction (post-1950) are shown in vehicle innovations? For as long as most of us can remember, we’ve seen flying cars, self-driving cars and yes, electric cars as emblems of a more advanced and always forthcoming future. Here at the end of the second decade of

Buying A New Car: Which Fees Should You Pay?

Buying a new car can be quite the ordeal, especially if complicated financing is involved with subsequent monthly payments and other transactions fees that are unfamiliar or unknown to a buyer. There are going to be fees added into a contract for a vehicle, and car buyers need to know