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How To Repair Minor Scratches On Your Car

How To Repair Minor Scratches On Your Car

Owning a car means you can expect minor scratches and scuffs on the exterior. A shopping cart bumps the fender or you pull too close to a tree branch in the driveway can lead to small scrapes and scratches on your car. You can take care of many of these small scratches on your own without the need for a professional body shop.

Supplies You Will Need

The first thing to do is to gather the supplies you will need. You will need a small bucket with car-grade soap and cool water along with several clean microfiber cloths. A piece of 2000-grit sandpaper, a container of rubbing compound and a container of polishing wax are the remaining supplies you will need.

How Deep is the Scratch?

Your vehicle has four different layers to the exterior. These layers include the clearcoat, paint color, primer and metal. If the scratch is deep enough that you see a gray color, it has gone through the clearcoat and paint. If it is just a line or scuff, it may have only removed the clearcoat. If just the clearcoat is damaged, the scratch is minor and can be repaired easily. If you can see primer, you may need a professional to repair the scratch.

Wash the Area and then Sand

Always start with a clean canvas by washing the area with the cool, soapy water and then drying it completely with the microfiber cloth. Once the area is clean, use the sandpaper to gently scratch the surface immediately around the scratch. Apply the sanding strokes in the same direction the scratch was made to avoid further damage. Swab the water intermittently with water as you sand.

Apply Rubbing Compound and Wax

After sanding, squeeze a small amount of rubbing compound onto a clean microfiber cloth and apply to the area of the scratch in a circular motion. As you do, you should see the scratch disappear. You may need to add a bit more compound and continue rubbing until the scratch is gone. Finally, add a new layer of wax to the scratch. This restores the clearcoat that was damaged by the scratch. You don’t need a lot of wax to replace the clearcoat. As with the compound, wax in a circular motion.

If you car has a serious scratch that has gone through to the primer, contact us today by calling or filling out the form online to arrange for a no obligation consultation.

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