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Category: Safety

How To Get Your Driving Record

There are many reasons you may want your driving record. Some companies require employees to have a clean driving record or you may be in the market for new insurance and want to be sure there are no surprises. If you live in New Jersey, these are the steps you

Are Used Tires Safe to Purchase_

Are Used Tires Safe to Purchase?

When you are on a tight budget, hearing the words “you need new tires” can be stressful. According to CostHelper, the average price of a new, all-season tire can be as high as $250 each. Pickup and SUV tires may cost as much as $350 each. In order to save

What Tools Should You Keep in Your Car?

What Tools Should You Keep in Your Car?

As the weather warms up, you automatically begin thinking of that family road trip. Whether you are heading to a cabin by the lake, a cozy beachfront cottage or you just hop in the car for a weekend drive to get away, you don’t want to have any worries or

How to Avoid Tow Truck Scams

Cars never want to break down when it is convenient and when yours decides to do so on the side of the road, it can be frightening. Even worse, you may then be at risk for tow truck scams. These tips can help you avoid being the victim of a

COVID-19 Message | No Contact Auto Body Repair Available!

COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, is having a major effect on business around the world. Elmer Auto Body’s leadership is closely following developments and we want you to know that we continue to operate our business as usual. In addition, we have business continuity plans in place and we are

Which Cities In New Jersey Have The Most Car Accidents?

Which Cities In New Jersey Have The Most Car Accidents?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Why Do You Need To Know This? It’s no secret that car accidents kill a lot of people and injure thousands more. In the United States, car accidents rank as the third most common cause of death. Worldwide, they rank as the eighth most common cause of death. As