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Are There Any Authorized Honda Body Shops In My Area?

Getting into an accident is a terrible experience, particularly when your precious Honda has been damaged. There are many shops out there who claim to be able to do the repairs, but are they a certified Honda collision center? You may be wondering, “Are there any authorized Honda body shops in my area?” The answer is yes, there are. Certified Honda body shops exist throughout the US, and they are also one of the best places to have your Honda repaired after an accident. Let’s discuss why Authorized Honda Body Shops are the ideal choice for collision repair, as well as how to find them in your region.


What is an Authorized Honda Body Shop?

Otherwise known as a Honda Certified Collision Repair Center, an authorized Honda Body Shop is a specialized repair center that has met specific criteria set by Honda. The criteria is designed to provide the facility and technicians working there with techniques and knowledge required to thoroughly repair Honda vehicles. In other words, an authorized Honda Body Shop is where you go when you want your Honda restored to its original condition after a collision or accident.


Here are some things to know about Honda Certified Collision Repair Centers:


  • Expertise. Honda Certified shops are required to maintain a high level of competence and expertise. Honda requires such facilities to earn an I-CAR Gold
  • Class Professional® ranking or Dekra verification. I-CAR Gold Class Professionals are recognized as having the highest level of training in the collision repair industry, ensuring that the technicians working on your vehicle are well-trained and knowledgeable.
  • Honda-Specific Knowledge. The technicians employed at an authorized Honda Body Shop must undergo specific training provided by Honda. This training gives the technicians the skills needed to fully repair a Honda vehicle, as well as up-to-date technology and repair techniques.
  • High Standard. Honda Certified shops are required to maintain a clean and professional workspace, both in the customer lounge area and the repair shop itself.
  • Annual Inspection. Honda conducts annual inspections of all Honda Certified shops through a third-party organization. The inspections are used to ensure that every shop is upholding Honda’s repair standards and has the proper equipment.


Why Should You Take Your Car to an Authorized Honda Body Shop?

Taking your car to an authorized Honda Body Shop, specifically a Honda OEM Certified Shop like Elmer’s Auto Body in Southern New Jersey, is essential for several important reasons, especially in the context of today’s advanced vehicles:


  • New Technology: Many modern vehicles—Hondas included—come with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to make driving safer. Lane assist, blindspot detection, backup cameras, and forward collision warnings are all very useful but also require skill to repair. If these systems are repaired incorrectly or with outdated methods, there may be unintended consequences that compromise the vehicle’s safety and functionality.
  • ADAS Calibration: ADAS systems require precise calibration and rewiring after certain types of repairs. Failing to do so correctly can impair the functionality of these safety features, putting you at risk on the road.
  • OEM Parts: OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” and using OEM parts is crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s safety and performance. These parts are designed specifically for your car’s make and model, ensuring the highest quality and compatibility. Honda OEM Certified Shops use genuine Honda parts to ensure your vehicle’s integrity.
  • Manufacturer Guidelines: Honda, like other car manufacturers, releases specific repair guidelines and position statements for their vehicles. Honda Certified Collision Repair Centers adhere to these guidelines precisely, ensuring that your car is repaired to factory specifications.
  • Warranty and Resale Value: Having your Honda repaired at an authorized shop will preserve the factory warranties. If improper repairs take place, those warranties will be voided. Furthermore, going to a certified body shop helps retain the resale value of the vehicle, since the repairs will be undetectable.


How Do You Find an Authorized Honda Body Shop?

Did you know that out of all the body shops in the US, only 4% of those are a Honda Certified Collision Repair Center? So, you could attempt to search for an authorized body shop with Google. If you are in New Jersey, Elmer’s Auto Body is bound to pop up. However, if your search is not yielding any results for whatever reason, head on over to Honda’s website, My Garage, and search for collision repair. The website will use your current location to find authorized body shops within a set distance. From there, you simply need to schedule an appointment to have your Honda repaired.


Looking for an Authorized Honda Body Shop in South Jersey?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Are there any authorized Honda body shops in my area?” the answer is yes. Honda has partnered with numerous body shops, making them authorized in Honda repairs. Choosing one of these Honda Certified Collision Repair Centers is essential for ensuring the proper repair of your beloved Honda, especially in today’s technologically advanced vehicles.


Does your Honda need repairs after an accident? Bring it to one of the three Elmer’s Auto Body locations in South Jersey. Our Honda-certified facility has achieved I-CAR Gold Class status and employs some of the most technicians around. Trust us to deliver expert, reliable service at an affordable price. Give us a call today or fill out the contact form to schedule your appointment.

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