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Category: Insurance

What if I don’t agree with my insurance adjuster?

Being involved in a car accident that results in significant damage can be worrisome, especially when you know that you must file a claim and deal with an insurance company and an adjuster who will have major input with your claim. When you’re looking for fair compensation, there is the

What should you not say to an auto insurance adjuster?

Car accidents have consequences and when you are in one and have to make a property or injury claim, you will deal with insurance companies and auto insurance adjuster. They will ask you questions concerning the incidentals of the accident and will be prepared to do their job, which means

How Many Estimates Should I Get for a Car Accident?

How Many Estimates Should I Get for a Car Accident?

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident that is more than just a fender bender, you probably understand that there are procedures to follow for taking care of the damage to your vehicle. Getting repair estimates is part of that procedure and involves a series of steps that

How to Insure a Car That Has Prior Damage

You’ve just purchased a vehicle that has prior damage and you’re probably wondering, am I going to recover the cost to insure my vehicle with this existing damage? Well, the answer is no, as you’re not going to get any coverage for previous damage. There are reasons that is so

Do I Need Collision Coverage on My Insurance Policy?

Determining whether you need collision coverage is an important part of any decision making when establishing or re-configuring an insurance policy. There are different insurance coverage choices and collision is one of them. There are reasons for having it and not having it. Here is some general information on collision insurance

How To Switch Your Car Insurance Company

Switching your car insurance is not an end of the world event. In fact, it’s actually not that complicated. Everyone who owns a vehicle has at one time or another chosen to move on to another provider. With so many insurance carriers glutting the market, and prices fluctuating, there are