Does Car Insurance Cover a Natural Disaster?

Mother nature can be unforgiving and causes a great amount of damages throughout the year. Those damages can affect your property and also your vehicle. After such a calamity, which are often called “Acts of God”, you might be left one question: “Does car insurance cover a natural disaster?” Rather than waiting until something terrible

Do I Need Collision Coverage on My Insurance Policy?

Determining whether you need collision coverage is an important part of any decision making when establishing or re-configuring an insurance policy. There are different insurance coverage choices and collision is one of them. There are reasons for having it and not having it. Here is some general information on collision insurance coverage, just what it covers,

How To Switch Your Car Insurance Company

Switching your car insurance is not an end of the world event. In fact, it’s actually not that complicated. Everyone who owns a vehicle has at one time or another chosen to move on to another provider. With so many insurance carriers glutting the market, and prices fluctuating, there are unending choices and deals to

How to Review Your Car Insurance Policy

Have you ever glanced through an entire car insurance policy? If you have, you know reading and reviewing one can sometimes be a long, boring and arduous process. You want to know the basics rather than plowing through page after page of insurance legalese, but you don’t want to be in the dark either concerning

When To File A Car Insurance Claim

When To File A Car Insurance Claim

If you’re involved in an accident, particularly one that involves another vehicle, you’re pretty much under obligation to file an insurance claim. If you don’t, you’re likely at risk for legal implications. So, exactly what constitutes filing a car insurance claim? Here are answers to better help you understand when to file a claim. Damage