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Common Types of Collision Damage

There are many reasons why your car may incur collision damage, from an auto accident to a tree limb that blows down in a storm. The type of damage makes a difference in how repairs are performed. Understanding the different types of collision damage can help you understand what repairs may be necessary.


Weather Damage

There is the potential for weather damage in all four seasons of the year. During the summer when the sun is at its strongest, your car can sustain damage to the paint due to fading and wearing. In addition, tires can become dry and cracked when the weather is overly hot. During the winter, salt applied to roads to avoid ice can lead to erosion in your vehicle while the fluctuating temperatures that can occur in some areas could lead to cracked windshields. In all seasons, there is a risk of high winds that can cause limbs to fall or hail that can lead to dents.


Failure to Maintain Your Car

If you don’t maintain your car, failing mechanical systems could lead to collision damage. Tires that have too little tread can blow out or your steering and brakes could fail, leading to an accident. Not only does neglecting the maintenance on your car lead to accidents, it can actually cause engine, exterior and interior damage. You should never ignore warning lights and have your car serviced at least once each year.


Car Accidents

Of course, the most common reason for collisions is car accidents. You could have a major accident that leads to shattered windshields, engine damage or destruction of several areas of the exterior of the car. Even minor fender benders can lead to damage that is more significant than it appears. Sometimes, minor collisions can cause damage to areas of the car that cannot be seen except by a trained professional.


Common Types of Damage

There are some types of damage that are more common than others. Dents can be tiny impressions to large craters in your car. Small scratches may be buffed out but if the scratches are significant, digging deep below the surface of the paint, they may require more extensive repair. Damage to the suspension is also a common type of collision damage along with a cracked windshield. Bumper damage is also common.


Collision Repairs

If the panel has a deep dent, it will need to be replaced as it more than likely cannot be repaired. Dents may be repaired using a hammer and dolly method, a stud welder or a dent puller. There is also paintless dent repair that uses new technology that does not require sanding, filler or painting. Deep scratches may require filler, sanding and painting to cover them properly. If suspension damage is significant, the auto shop may also need to remove and replace the shock absorber or ball joint. A small crack or chip in the windshield can be filled with resin to prevent it from spreading but if the crack is through both panes of glass or more than one inch long, the entire windshield needs to be replaced. If the bumper of your vehicle is damaged, it is possible it can be repaired easily, similar to other dents. However, if the damage to your bumper is significant, you may have hidden damage inside the vehicle that cannot be seen.


Choosing a Repair Shop

When your vehicle needs repair after a collision, be sure to ask about experience, payment policies, warranties and certifications. That way you know that your vehicle is being repaired by a qualified repair shop. If you will be filing an insurance claim, your insurance company will require you to get more than one estimate for repairs. Most require at least three, but you are free to get as many as you choose. The insurance company cannot require you to go to a specific shop and you can work with them if you suspect the amount they have offered for the repair is too low.

If your car has been involved in a collision, contact Elmer’s Auto Body. With more than 70 years’ experience, you know you are getting high quality service and that the car you drive away in is safe for your family. We repair your car as if it were owned by our own family because that is how we think of our customers. You can schedule an appointment by calling today or fill out the easy online form.

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