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Finding Reliable Windshield Replacement in Medford, NJ

According to most insurance companies in New Jersey and throughout the US, damaged windshields rank the highest among reported insurance claims in the industry. It doesn’t matter how good your driving record is or how safe you drive, windshield damage can happen when you least expect it. Most drivers on the road today at one time or another have experienced an airborne rock that hits their windshield from another passing vehicle that causes damage.

If your windshield becomes damaged, there’s a good chance that you will need to either have it repaired or replaced with a certified windshield installer in New Jersey before too long. Please continue reading to learn when to repair or replace damaged windshields.


Damaged Windshield Factors

Windshield chips are not created equal; therefore, the size and shape of a chip can determine if the damage is repairable or not. If the chip is beyond repair, a windshield replacement is your only option.

The location of a chip can also be a leading factor when it comes to either a quick repair or replacement if the damage extends beyond the outer perimeter of the windshield. Windshield replacement may also be necessary if the crack is obstructing the driver’s view or causes a crack that spreads across the windshield.


6 Types of Windshield Damage

Knowing the six different types of windshield damage can help you determine the severity of the damage and just how soon you should contact a New Jersey repair specialist. Failure to repair or replace a damaged windshield can obstruct your view, cause an accident or get you pulled over by the police.

  1. Surface Pit: Chips in the glass are known as surface pits and are generally small in nature. They don’t cause significant damage to your windshield and surface pits bigger than 1/8th of an inch can be repaired.
  2. Crack: A crack typically starts out small and gradually expands or instantly forms when an object impacts it. They extend horizontally across the windshield and can be repaired as long as they’re not in the driver’s view or smaller than 14 inches.
  3. Bullseye: A bullseye forms a dark circle at the sight of impact with a cone-shape around the outer layer. A bullseye in your windshield can be fixed as long as the diameter is less than one inch, not in the driver’s view, and doesn’t contain any debris or dirt.
  4. Star Break: A star break can oftentimes look like a star or spider web. Many cracks form in several different directions from the site of impact with a star break. A star break can be repaired if it’s less than three inches in diameter.
  5. Half Moon: Half moons are half the size of a bullseye, and they can be repaired as long as the damage is less than one inch in diameter.
  6. Combination: A combination will include several of the elements listed above and look like an impact from a baseball. Combination windshield damage can be repaired if the damage is less than two inches in diameter.


Finding a Good Windshield Repair Company in New Jersey

With standard rates for windshield replacements ranging between $200 to $1,000, it’s important to hire a company that installs high-quality auto glass and guarantees their work. A trustworthy business will have a strong community presence with a solid reputation for quality installations and customer service. Most professionals will have have a website that explains more of their services and provides contact and additional information.

Hiring a business that is certified as an auto glass technician is a good way to ensure that you’re getting the best in industry and safety standards. If you live in the greater Medford area and have a damaged windshield? Please fill out the contact form to be put in touch with a certified technician for immediate repair or replacement windshield services in South Jersey.

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