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How Much Can I Tint My Windows Legally?

How Much Can I Tint My Windows Legally?

There are many reasons you may want to tint the windows in your vehicle. You may want enhanced privacy or to lower the interior temperature in your car. Tinting provides protection from sun glare which may also include ultraviolet rays. A car with tinted windows is also aesthetically pleasing from the outside for many people. Although most cars come with some level of tint from the factory, there are some that have no tinting. If you want to add tint to your windows, it can be done after-market, but there are limits to how much you can tint them.

Measuring Window Tint

When determining the tint of a window, the level is measured by a percentage of visible light transmission (VLT). The higher the percentage, the more light can come into the car through the windows. This means that a window tint with a very low percentage would appear much darker.

Window Tint Legal Limits

Each state has their own regulations on how much tint can be on a vehicle window. In most states, the driver and passenger window in the front cannot have a VLT of 50 percent or higher. The rear and back windows usually cannot be tinted more than 35 percent. This means that the tint on the front windows must be less than the tint on the back, even though the difference between the percentages is fairly minor.

Why Are There Window Tint Limits?

There are several reasons why states have laws regarding window tinting. If your window is tinted too dark, you may not be able to see clearly in the dark and are more likely to be involved in a crash. Window tint that is too dark is dangerous for pedestrians as well as you may not see them in time to avoid them. Law enforcement needs to be able to see the occupants of a vehicle should they pull them over for a traffic stop. If they cannot see inside the vehicle, it could put the officer in danger. If a law enforcement officer believes your window tint is too dark, they are permitted to pull you over. Police officers have a tool that will allow them to measure the tint and, if it is too dark, you could be fined. You will also be required to either remove the tint or replace it with a film that is within the proper limits.

If you have tinted windows that have been determined to be too dark or you are interested in having yours tinted, contact Elmer’s Auto Body today to learn more. You can schedule an appointment by calling or filling out the easy online form.

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