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Is It Really Worth It To Repair a Fender Bender in NJ?

Is It Really Worth It To Repair a Fender Bender in NJ?

Fender benders are one of the most frustrating experiences for car owners in New Jersey. Although the damage may be minimal on first glance, there is always a chance that the collision is far from minor. Is it really worth it to repair a fender bender, though? The answer is not always obvious. There are factors to take into consideration, which this article aims to cover. Once you understand why it may be worthwhile to get your fender bender repaired, you can make an educated decision whether to call a body repair shop in NJ.


What is a Fender Bender?

A fender bender refers to a minor accident typically involving low-speed collisions. It often results in cosmetic damage to the fenders, bumpers, and sometimes adjacent panels of a vehicle. While the term “fender bender” may sound relatively harmless, it’s important to recognize that even seemingly minor damage can have implications beyond the surface.


Potential Fender Bender Damages

Let’s take a look at the possible issues caused by a fender bender:


Cosmetic Damage

The most apparent consequence of a fender bender is cosmetic damage to the affected areas of the vehicle. Scratches, dents, or paint chips can diminish the visual appeal of your car. Some fender benders may even cause cracks in plastic components. While these damages may seem insignificant, they can affect your car’s aesthetics, resale value, and overall satisfaction as a car owner.


Functional Issues

Even if an impact is not severe, your vehicle may still have some functional problems afterwards. For example, the collision may cause misalignments or even cause sensors to malfunction. Headlights, taillights, and turn signals may be damaged, making it more risky to drive your vehicle.


Structural Damage

In some cases, a fender bender can result in underlying structural damage. This damage may not be immediately visible but can compromise the integrity of your vehicle. The impact can misalign the frame, suspension, or other critical components, leading to issues with the vehicle’s performance, safety, and handling. It is crucial to have a professional inspection to identify any structural damage that may require repair.


Resale Value

If you plan to sell or trade-in your vehicle in the future, repairing a fender bender becomes significant. Potential buyers are often deterred by visible damage, regardless of its severity. By repairing the damage, you maintain your vehicle’s resale value and increase its appeal to prospective buyers.


This is also important when it comes to lease agreements, as such damages may incur penalties when you go to return the vehicle.


Should You Repair Your Fender Bender?

So, you had a fender bender. Now what do you do? If the damage doesn’t seem too bad, is it worth it to get your vehicle inspected and repaired? Here are some considerations that can help you determine what to do:


Safety and Functionality of Your Vehicle

The main thing you should be concerned about is whether the fender bender has done something to compromise the safety and functionality of your vehicle. There is always a risk that a collision—even a minimal one—causes some kind of impairment. As such, if you believe that your car is not going to be safe for commuting, it is best to have it inspected by an automotive technician to see what misalignments and other issues are present. Even if it feels like nothing is wrong, checking off the box that your car is safe to drive and is not a risk is essential not only for you and your passengers but to others on the road.


Personal Satisfaction

As mentioned above, cosmetic damages are common in fender benders. Missing patches of paint, dents, cracks, and other marks may be left behind after a fender bender that take away from the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. Being that most people select their vehicle based on how it looks, any deduction from your personal satisfaction counts as a reason to have the cosmetic issues repaired. After all, your peace of mind is worth it.


On the other hand, even if you did not personally mind a scratch or ding or your vehicle, someone else might. If you are planning on trading in or selling your vehicle in the future, it may be smart to boost your car’s resale value by having the cosmetic damages of the fender bender repaired.


Professional Inspection and Recommendations

Consult with a reputable mechanic or body shop to assess the extent of the damage and provide an estimate for repairs. They can identify hidden damages and offer professional advice on the necessity of repairs. Their expertise will guide you in making an informed decision.


Insurance Coverage

Review your insurance policy to understand the coverage and deductible for collision repairs. If the cost of repairing the fender bender falls within or slightly exceeds your deductible, it may be worth filing a claim and having the repairs covered by your insurance.


Looking For Fender Bender Repair in NJ?

Is it really worth it to repair a fender bender in New Jersey? It depends on the extent of the damage and your personal preferences. Keep in mind that, while some damages may appear minor at first, they can have long-term implications on your vehicle’s safety, functionality, and resale value. Consulting with professionals and understanding your insurance coverage will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your priorities.

If you had a fender bender in South Jersey and are looking to have your vehicle assessed and repaired, Elmer’s Auto Body is here to help. We are consistently rated one of the best body shops in NJ. Our experienced team is highly trained and certified by multiple manufacturers to return your car to its pre-accident state. Give one of our locations a call today or fill out the contact form to request more information or schedule an appointment.

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