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How To Tell If Your Car Is Out Of Alignment

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The wheel alignment of your car is critical to its performance. It can impact your fuel efficiency, the wear on your tires, how your tires perform as well as the handling and maneuverability of your car. There are some fairly easy ways to tell if the alignment of your car needs to be addressed so that your car is running at its maximum efficiency.


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What to Look for While Driving

While driving on a flat, dry road, you may notice that your car is pulling to one side of the road or the other. You may also notice that when you make slow turns, the car makes a squealing sound or that your steering wheel seems to be off-center. Your steering wheel may also vibrate as you drive. If your car is experiencing any of these symptoms, you need to bring it in for an alignment as soon as you can.

Tire Wear is Uneven

Your alignment determines how your tires meet the road. If you have noticed uneven tire tread on your car, it is possible your alignment may be off. Unevenly worn tires can also indicate that your wheel bearings are loose or worn. This can cause the tire to lean, leading to more wear on the inside or outside of the tire. It is also important to keep the right amount of air pressure in your tires to avoid alignment issues.

Alignment Checks

Even if you have not noticed issues with handling or wear on your tires, you should have the alignment in your vehicle checked at least once each year. If you routinely have your tires rotated, the service station should also check the alignment. During an alignment, a trained technician uses machinery known as the four-wheel alignment system to check whether alignment is necessary. Your car is placed on a large platform rack attached to diagnostic equipment. A visual inspection checks for suspension, steering and tire issues before the car is “driven” on the test platform. During the test, the machinery records the measurements of wheel and tire angles before comparing them to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Adjustments are made based on that recommendation to bring your car back into alignment.

If you have noticed handling issues or uneven wear on your tires after an auto accident, contact Elmer’s Auto Body today to schedule an appointment for a vehicle alignment. You can schedule the appointment by calling or completing the simple form online.


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