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The Importance of Choosing a Subaru-Certified Body Shop: Ensuring Quality Repairs

Getting into a collision with your Subaru is nerve-wracking from start to finish. Not only is your vehicle damaged, but now you have to find a reputable auto body shop in South Jersey to do those repairs. The good news is that you can take your Subaru to a Subaru-certified body shop to receive superior repairs that turn back the clock and make your car as it was before the accident. Let’s take a look at what a Subaru-certified body shop does and why choosing one is essential. 

What is a Subaru-Certified Body Shop?

An auto body repair shop becomes a Subaru-certified body shop once the technicians have completed a special training program, known as the Certified Collision Care Center Program.

A shop that has completed Subaru’s program will guarantee top-quality repairs for your vehicle. Furthermore, the program ensures that collision repair centers throughout North America have all the necessary tools, equipment, training, and facilities to fix Subaru vehicles in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards. 

These elements are essential for achieving the best finish, durability, functionality, and safety of your Subaru, while also providing you with great value for your money. No matter where you are in the United States, you can select a collision repair center that has been approved by Subaru and meets its strict requirements. This is crucial as the repair shop and its methods can greatly impact the overall appearance, performance, and structural integrity of your vehicle, as well as the effectiveness of its safety systems in protecting you and your passengers. 

Reasons to Choose a Subaru-Certified Body Shop

Now that you know what a Subaru-certified body shop is and what they do, let’s look at some of the advantages to choosing one for your vehicle’s repairs:

Recalibrated Safety Systems

One of the key advantages of choosing a Subaru-approved repair center is the capability to recalibrate advanced safety systems such as the EyeSight driver assistance technology, in collaboration with a Subaru dealer. With the use of OEM Subaru parts, your vehicle will be restored to its original condition, ensuring the same level of safety and protection as before the accident occurred. Trusting a Subaru Certified Collision Care Center means ensuring your vehicle receives the highest quality repairs, keeping you and your passengers safe on the road.

Well-trained Technicians

At Subaru, safety of the customers and all vehicles is a serious matter. That’s why Subaru has strict standards for their Certified Collision Centers. Subaru holds every auto body repair shop to the highest standard, meaning they also have to have an I-CAR Gold certification, guaranteeing that your Subaru will be in the best hands. Don’t leave your repairs to just anyone in an unregulated industry. Trust that Subaru has qualified technicians to repair your vehicle with the industry’s top training and standards. 

Up-to-Date Repair Procedures

Subaru Certified body shops are held to a high standard and are required to follow official Subaru Repair Procedures for every repair. These procedures are written by the engineers who helped build your Subaru and are continuously updated to provide the most accurate and comprehensive repair process. 

While some collision centers and auto body shops rely on their own experience or aftermarket manuals, Subaru Certified Collision Centers have the advantage of using the expertise of the engineers who designed and built your car. This ensures that every repair is done according to the manufacturer’s exact specifications. So why is it so important to follow these procedures? Well, think of it like following a recipe for baking. Just like how missing a key ingredient can result in a less-than-perfect cake, not following the official repair procedures can lead to subpar repairs and potentially compromise the safety and performance of your vehicle. 

Post-accident Inspection

Subaru certified collision centers perform a thorough multipoint safety inspection of every vehicle that leaves their facility. This inspection covers everything from the occupant safety systems to the structural integrity of the car, leaving no stone unturned to guarantee your safety. Unlike many collision centers that may skip this crucial step, Subaru makes it mandatory for every auto body repair, regardless of whether the insurance company covers it or not. After all, what could be more important than the safety of their drivers? And that is why Subaru gets our seal of approval for going above and beyond to prioritize safety.

Quality Tools and Equipment

When it comes to vehicle repairs, staying up-to-date with the latest technology and tools can be a challenge. However, Subaru Certified Collision Centers have made it their top priority to keep pace with the ever-evolving automotive industry. 

With advancements in technology, modern vehicles have become more complex than ever. As a result, repairing them can be a daunting task for collision centers without the proper tools and equipment. That’s where Subaru Certified Collision Centers stand out: they are evaluated annually to ensure they have the necessary resources to effectively repair your vehicle. This not only guarantees that the latest technology is being employed to repair it vehicle, it also means that OEM tools and parts are being used. 

Get Your Subaru Repaired at a Subaru-Certified Auto Body Shop Today

When your Subaru has been damaged, the first thing on your mind is to get it back to normal. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about subpar repairs from a regular body shop. Subaru has launched a program to ensure that there is a certified collision repair center near you. These locations make it easy to get your Subaru repaired with OEM parts, so you can have the vehicle you love returned to its pre-accident condition. 

If you need any repairs to your vehicle call in at Elmer’s Auto Body today. The team at our auto body repair shop in South Jersey are ready to repair your car back to its original form using quality parts and skilled labor. Aside from having I-CAR Gold, we are a certified Subaru collision repair shop in NJ. 

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