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The Importance Of Using The Same Shop For All Your Body Work

When you need to take your car into the shop for some body repairs, it can be a frustrating experience. If you need several types of repairs done to your vehicle, you want to maintain a consistent level of quality work. When you take it to a different shop, that repair might not match up with your previous bodywork. Here are a few reasons why you need to stick with the same body shop for all of your repair work.


Work With a Familiar Face

It can be heartbreaking to see your beloved car damaged by an accident. You want to get your ride back to its best shape, and one way to do that is to take it to the same body shop. These shops are familiar with your vehicle and understand its unique needs. Plus, you can count on these professionals to get the right parts for your car. Some shops might try to use aftermarket parts to complete the repair. However, when you use the same shop, they will work hard to use OEM parts to meet your vehicle’s warranty requirements.

Along with that, the same auto body shop understands the types of repairs that need to be made to your specific make and model.

When you use the same shop for all your bodywork repairs, you will know that your car is in good hands. These repair shops believe in building trust with their clients, and they want to deliver a car that is back to its original shape and meets all of your expectations.


Manufacturer Certified Repair Knowledge

When you choose a specific body shop for your vehicle, you can count that their technicians are trained and certified to complete your repairs. Some technicians are specially trained to work on specific makes and models. These vehicles might have a few unique components that need to be repaired by professionals. Along with that, when you use the same body shop, you can be guaranteed that the repair will meet your manufacturer’s specific needs and that any repairs will not void your vehicle’s warranty.


Aluminum Repair Expertise

For the most part, vehicles that are involved in an accident will have damage to their metal components. Many modern car manufacturers have integrated aluminum into the manufacturing process. This type of metal is high-performing, which leads to higher resistance to rust. If your car has aluminum in the metal, you need a professional auto body technician trained in this specific repair work. When you use the same body shop, you can guarantee that those technicians will quickly and efficiently work to repair your vehicle.


Get a Better Price

If you have ever received an estimate for your car’s bodywork repairs, you know that those prices can vary. The price differences are due to a variety of reasons. In some cases, one shop might have high overhead costs due to insurance, technician training, required licensing, and upgrading equipment. When you use the same shop, you can often get a better deal for your repair. In fact, some might offer a discount if you have all the repairs completed by them.

In addition to that, you will know that you can count on the shop’s warranty if anything happens to break after the repair. You won’t have to deal with the endless circle of blame as two different shops find fault with each other for the damaged parts or work.

However, remember with pricing, several factors can lead to your final costs. If your car requires experienced technicians to complete the repair, then you might have a higher price for your vehicle. A low price does not always mean a great deal. You want to find a reputable shop that can handle all of your vehicle’s repairs, from simple body painting to intensive collision adjustments.


Records on File

You might not think about it, but you want to take your vehicle to a shop with the correct paperwork for your car. You might have forgotten about some bodywork in the past. However, when you take it to the same shop, they can pull up your vehicle’s files and find out the car’s past history. In most cases, these shops can tell whether you want aftermarket or OEM parts, when your last oil change took place, and the type of paint for your vehicle. In other words, these reliable shops know your car inside and out, and you can count on them to deliver fantastic repair results.


Easy Fleet Management

If you have a fleet of vehicles, the same body shop makes it easy to get them maintained and repaired. With that, you will know how the shop operates its business and repair process. In turn, every repair will have a certain level of expectation when the vehicle is returned to you. Fleet services might even have a dedicated point person so that you will work with the same employee every time you need a repair completed on the vehicle.

As you can tell, when you use the same auto body shop, you can expect the same level of service and care when you bring in your vehicles. Plus, the same shop will know the history of your car and use the right parts to maintain your vehicle’s warranty. In addition to that, all those repairs will look identical, and you don’t have to worry about mismatched paint or parts for your car.


Auto Body Shop Near Me

If you need auto bodywork repairs for your vehicle, make sure to find a team of trustworthy and highly skilled technicians to handle the job. At Elmer’s Auto Body, we have the expertise to bring your vehicle back to its original condition. With our services, you can expect consistent repairs whether you need a simple adjustment or a complete collision fix.

Our shop services a wide range of models, makes, and body types. We promise to deliver exceptional results for your vehicle. You can schedule a consultation by calling our shop at (856) 218-0202.



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