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What Does Your Auto Body Collision Repair Specialist Do?

Whether you get into a mild fender bender or are involved in a serious car wreck, your vehicle needs the attention of specially trained professionals to get the damage repaired. That’s why it’s best to take your vehicle to an auto body collision repair specialist.

This specialist is trained in every step of the process of repairing a vehicle regardless of the extent of the damage. A reliable auto body collision repair specialist understands the importance of performing thorough work during every step to get the best end result.

Discover the specifics of what an auto body collision specialist does and how this professional can get your vehicle back into excellent condition.


Assess the Repair Project

Before any of the physical repair work begins this professional will go over the damage report and costs with you. The auto body collision repair specialist makes sure you know what work needs to be done to get your vehicle back into shape. All of the planned repair work and estimates should be put into writing so there are no surprises after the work is done. You and the auto body collision repair specialist will refer to this written document as you check over the finished work later on.


Remove the Damaged Parts of the Vehicle

The first step in the physical repair work is to remove the damaged parts of the vehicle. This is usually done with pneumatic tools and guns designed to cut metal. The type and amount of parts removed depend on the specific damage done to a vehicle. One vehicle may have a damaged fender while another may have a smashed front end along with a cracked windshield. This is why it’s so important to map out exactly what repairs will be accomplished before starting the project.


Realignment Work

Once the damaged parts are removed, the auto body collision repair specialist shifts their focus to the structural damage done to the vehicle. This involves realigning the vehicle’s frame and repairing damage there. A hydraulic system designed for heavy work is often used in realignment. Not surprisingly, the force and intensity of a wreck can affect the fundamental structure of the vehicle. So, realigning the frame is an important part of the work of an auto body collision repair specialist.


Evens Out Minor Damage

Special tools help this professional to remove minor damage to the body of the vehicle. This includes removing dents and dimples in the frame. The goal is to make the structure of the vehicle as solid as possible before installing the new parts.


Attach the Proper Replacement Parts

Early in the process, the proper replacement parts were ordered for the repair work and now need to be installed. An auto body collision repair specialist fits the parts onto the vehicle, then welds them to the body.


Install Replacement Windows and/or Windshield

If a vehicle has damaged windows, a damaged windshield, or both, new ones are installed. They are weatherproofed with a chemical solution to ensure they are equal in quality to the vehicle’s previous windows.


Sand Surfaces

This step in the process involves grinding, sanding, and priming areas that have been repaired. This is done with professional, heavy-duty grinding and sanding equipment.


Paint the Restored Area of the Vehicle

Applying paint to the restored areas of the vehicle is another responsibility of the auto body collision repair specialist. The paint color must be matched to the rest of the vehicle beforehand, so it looks uniform. This involves checking with the vehicle’s manufacturer to find the shade of color originally applied at the factory.


Our Expert Team Stands Ready to Repair Your Vehicle

Elmer’s Auto Body has been serving customers in New Jersey since 1947. We are a family-owned business dedicated to providing our customers with expert, reliable service. We handle all aspects of collision repair to make the process more convenient for our customers. Our auto collision repair specialists are trained and experienced with the most modern tools to do the work properly.

Our team understands that being in a vehicle wreck is stressful enough. That’s why we do all we can to make the damage repair process as easy as possible.

So, are you wondering: Is there an Elmer’s Auto Body Shop near me? The answer is yes! We have several locations in New Jersey. Check the locations tab on our website and you’re sure to find a location near you.

Call us at 856-218-0202 today and let our team get you and your vehicle back onto the road!

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