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Who is Who in the Auto Body Repair Shop in Washington Township, NJ?

When you take your vehicle in for repairs after a collision, you may be wondering who is going to be taking care of your car. There are various jobs that exist within an auto body repair shop. Depending on what kind of tasks need to be completed, your car may not need some services or skills. So who is who in the auto body repair shop in Washington Township, NJ? Let’s discuss some of jobs that exist.


Do keep in mind that this is a general list and that not all of the roles presented here are available at every collision repair shop. For example, at Elmer’s Auto Body in South Jersey, we focus on collision repair. Therefore, glass technicians, tire technicans, and general mechanics are not among our employees.


General Automotive Mechanic

General automotive mechanics serve as the frontline professionals in repair shops. They possess broad knowledge and skills to diagnose and repair various mechanical issues in vehicles. From routine maintenance tasks like oil changes and filter replacements to more complex engine diagnostics and repairs, they handle a wide range of automotive problems. Their expertise is akin to that of a general practitioner in the medical field, providing essential care and maintenance for your vehicle’s overall health.


Auto Body Mechanic

Auto body mechanics specialize in restoring vehicles after collisions or accidents. Their skill extends beyond mechanical repairs to include cosmetic restoration and structural realignment. From repairing dents and scratches to replacing damaged panels or frames, auto body mechanics restore vehicles to their pre-accident condition. Their specialized training and certifications ensure that they can address even the most extensive damage with precision and expertise.


Brake and Transmission Technician

Brake and transmission technicians focus on two critical systems in a vehicle: the braking system and the transmission. While general mechanics have knowledge of these areas, brake and transmission technicians possess specialized training and equipment to diagnose and repair complex issues. They use advanced diagnostic tools and specialized alignment equipment to address brake system malfunctions, transmission slippage, or gear shifting problems effectively. Their expertise ensures optimal performance and safety in these vital vehicle systems.


PDR Technicians

PDR technicians specialize in repairing minor dents and dings without the need for traditional bodywork or painting. Using specialized tools and techniques, they carefully massage and reshape the metal from behind the panel, restoring it to its original condition. PDR technicians excel in repairing small to medium-sized dents caused by hail, parking lot dings, or minor collisions. Their expertise lies in preserving the original paint finish of the vehicle, making PDR a cost-effective and efficient solution for cosmetic damage.


Service Technicians

Service technicians play a crucial role in conducting comprehensive inspections and maintenance checks on vehicles. They focus on ensuring the proper functioning of mechanical and electrical components, conducting routine checks on fluids, filters, and other vital systems. Unlike specialized mechanics, service technicians take a holistic approach, examining the interconnected systems within a vehicle to identify potential issues or areas requiring attention. Their thorough inspections help prevent breakdowns and ensure the longevity of your vehicle.


Collision Repair Specialists

Collision repair specialists focus exclusively on restoring vehicles damaged in accidents or collisions. Their expertise encompasses a wide range of repair tasks, from repairing structural damage and frame straightening to replacing damaged components and refinishing body panels. Collision repair specialists work closely with auto body mechanics and PDR technicians to address all aspects of collision damage, ensuring comprehensive repairs. Their specialized training and experience equip them to handle even the most severe collision damage, restoring vehicles to their pre-accident condition safely and effectively.


One of the things that separates collision repair specialists from other auto body technicians is their credentials. Many collision repair specialists have undergone training from manufacturers in order to secure “certified collision repair shop” status.


Auto Glass Mechanics

Auto glass mechanics specialize in repairing and replacing damaged vehicle glass, such as windshields, windows, and mirrors. They possess specialized training in assessing the extent of damage and determining the most appropriate repair or replacement methods. From repairing minor chips and cracks to installing new glass components, auto glass mechanics ensure the structural integrity and weatherproofing of vehicle glass. Their expertise extends to proper installation techniques, ensuring a secure fit and optimal performance.


Tire Mechanics

Tire mechanics focus on maintaining and optimizing the performance of vehicle tires. They possess advanced knowledge of tire care, including tire rotations, alignments, and replacements. Tire mechanics use specialized equipment to assess tire wear patterns, identify abnormalities, and ensure proper inflation levels. Their expertise allows them to address complex tire issues, such as uneven wear or alignment problems, ensuring optimal safety and performance on the road.


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