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Why You Should Use Your Local Sewell Collision Repair Shop Instead of a National Chain

2020 has been nothing but uncertainty. More and more people are being affected globally by the coronavirus. The best way to pull through these chaotic times is to rally the local community and support smaller businesses when you can. Together, we can get through the global pandemic and move forward to a better future. In order to do that, we need to ensure that local businesses continue to thrive.

But there is more to supporting your local Sewell collision repair shop over national chains than financial security. Auto body shops are considered essential businesses, but that does not mean they are not struggling during nationwide lockdowns and hindered commutes. Of course, even with life moving a little slower than usual, there are still cars on the road and accidents occurring.

Whether you want to support local businesses or you simply find yourself with a car in need of repairs, here are some reasons why you should use the local Sewell auto body shop instead of a national chain:


Choosing a Local Sewell Collision Repair Shop

When you are in need of car repair or maintenance, you probably go right to the phone or computer and choose the top result on Google. That top result is probably a national chain that pays millions on advertising. That does not guarantee an adequate service. Many of these national chains can promise quick, cheap repairs because they do not use the best quality parts.

Local collision repair shops, on the other hand, often go through painstaking training and adhere to specific guidelines to become I-CAR and OEM certified. This means they have extensive training and technicians with many years of experience to back up warranties on workmanship. Additionally, technicians at the local body shop will know about the latest safety technologies, also known as Advanced Driver Assistance Program (ADAS).

You won’t get the same level of care from most national chains. Other reasons to use local businesses include:

  • Better customer service and care. Local businesses will treat you like a neighbor because you are! You can expect more quality from a local collision repair shop than a national chain since smaller businesses are usually locally owned and family operated.
  • Support the local economy. Your local Sewell collision repair shop employs locals, like yourself.
  • Environmentally-friendly choice. Did you know that local businesses are better for the environment because they usually have safer, more eco-friendly practices? Go green. Go local.


Do Not Choose The Cheapest Estimate

You may be tempted to visit the national chain simply because their estimate is far cheaper than a smaller collision repair shop. That might sound like a blessing—until you look at the estimates and compare the steps involved. Fast and cheap usually equals less attention to detail and sloppily done repairs. Even though you get your car faster, with unresolved problems simply hidden beneath a shiny exterior, you are bound to wind up back at the auto body shop in no time.

At Elmer’s Auto Body, we have gotten tons of requests to repair errors made on cars that were supposed to be fixed. Sometimes, we even have to declare the vehicle totaled, even when a national chain said the vehicle was safe to drive.

In short, choose the auto body shop that is as concerned for your safety as you are. Choose a business that will not resort to “fast and cheap” but “quality and transparency.”


Ask The Right Questions

Worried about finding a quality collision repair shop that will work with you? Don’t. Finding a trustworthy auto body shop can be difficult if you are only looking at national chains or listening to the recommendations of your auto insurance provider. That said, there are plenty of places with high qualified technicians, renowned certifications, state-of-the-art facilities, and so on right in your community.

Knowing which questions to ask can help you sniff out the best local Sewell collision repair center for the job. Any decent shop will have a customer care representative who can answer all your questions. Give them a call and ask how long the body shop has been serving Sewell, what kind of services are provided, whether the technicians are certified, and if the work is guaranteed.

And remember: it is always best to receive multiple estimates rather than going right for the cheapest one.

Mechanic Inspecting With A Customer

Local Is Better

Simply put, going to a local auto body shop in New Jersey is much better than giving business to a national chain. A local business is going to care more about the quality of the repairs than a corporate chain. They may even be able to help you with insurance claims and other issues affecting your vehicle.

At Elmer’s Auto Body, you never have to question the quality of your repairs. We have been serving South Jersey for many years and have many satisfied customers. Every day, we strive to provide the local community with top-quality car repairs and services that you can feel good about. Every one of our technicians knows the latest about OEM and ADAS. You will only ever receive honesty and quality from us! If you need collision repair in Sewell or the surrounding areas, give us a call or fill out the contact form. We are happy to answer your questions or concerns.

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