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4 Things to Know About Auto Body Repair for Electric Vehicles

4 Things to Know About Auto Body Repair for Electric Vehicles

Drivers choose electric vehicles for a variety of reasons. They may want to reduce fuel costs or combat climate change. However, owning an electric car also requires a different approach to bodywork than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Handling a repair is a challenging task for these vehicle owners. Whether you’re a current electric car owner or considering purchasing one, here are four things to know about auto body repair for electric vehicles.

What You Should Know About Electric Vehicle Body Repairs

When you own these vehicles, you should understand that they are not like their gas-powered counterparts. For example, you may need some work completed after an accident to get it back on the road. Taking it to the nearest body shop is not always an option. Consider these points when your vehicle needs to be repaired.

#1 – They Still Need Regular Maintenance

While electric cars have fewer moving parts than traditional vehicles, they still require regular maintenance to function correctly. For example, you must regularly rotate the tires to ensure they have even wear. Along with that, the brakes should be checked to make sure they are functioning properly.

With an electric vehicle, the battery also needs to be inspected. If any of the components or housing become damaged, they can turn into safety hazards. Additionally, some parts of the vehicle are prone to fail if you do not keep up with their maintenance. In turn, that can lead to complications when it comes time to repair the car after an accident.

#2 – They Use Unique Parts

Electric cars have different parts and components than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Instead of an engine, they have a battery that powers an electric motor. Plus, these cars use specialized systems that allow them to recharge their batteries. These electrical systems required trained personnel to complete any repairs on them. Not all shops know how to work on these vehicles. With that in mind, make sure to find trained auto body shops in South Jersey that can handle these repairs.

#3 – They Require Expensive Repairs

If you own an electric car, you already know the vehicle is expensive. However, those costs can extend to bodywork. If the panels are damaged, it is not an easy fix like a conventional car. Many times, it could be costly to repair them. If the accident damages the battery, it may need to be replaced, which could cost thousands of dollars. Unlike gas-powered vehicles, these cars must use parts directly from the manufacturer.

#4 – Repairs Need Specialized Equipment

Some electric vehicle repairs require specialized tools and skilled mechanics to fix a problem. Unfortunately, not all auto body businesses are knowledgeable about repairing these cars. You should bring your electric vehicle to a maintenance facility specializing in this type of work. With that, you can ensure the mechanic has access to the equipment needed to perform the necessary repairs.

Damage to the paint is another problem. If your vehicle needs to be repainted, it might require more time in the shop. With conventional cars, the repairing process is relatively quick. However, that is not the case with electric vehicles. Since these cars have a battery, the mechanics have to be mindful of the temperature during the curing process. Heat could damage the charging or power components when the vehicle becomes too hot.

How to Find the Best Body Shop in NJ for Your Electric Vehicle Repair

Now that you know about the four factors of an electric vehicle auto body repair, here are a few tips to choose the right shop for your car.

  • Check the Manufacturer’s Website

Take a look at the manufacturer’s website for authorized repair shops. Many electric vehicle manufacturers have a network of authorized dealerships and repair shops specializing in electric vehicle auto bodywork.

  • Ask Other Electric Vehicle Owners

If you know other owners of these vehicles, ask where they take their cars for repairs. They can recommend a good repair shop in your area.

  • Search Online

You can also search online for New Jersey repair shops specializing in auto bodywork for electric cars. When it comes time to find a shop, check its reviews and ratings to make sure they have an excellent reputation.

  • Speak With Local Mechanics

While not all mechanics have the specialized training and equipment to work on these vehicles, some will have the necessary expertise to restore the appearance of your electric car.

When you find a potential repair shop, you always want to ask about their certifications and training. The mechanic should be certified and have specialized training to handle any auto bodywork for your car.

By following these tips, you can find a qualified repair shop to fix your electric vehicle after an accident. Keep in mind that not every shop can take care of these repairs for you. Before you drive your car to the local mechanic, make sure they understand how to fix these vehicles properly.

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