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What Does “Certified Auto Body Repair” Mean?

What Does "Certified Auto Body Repair" Mean?

To service, run, and keep your car roadworthy can be an expensive journey and not one that you want to keep revisiting. Choosing a certified auto body repair shop will mean that you are choosing a repair shop that maintains a certain level of good quality, not only in the parts they use but the labor they provide. This sounds exactly like what every customer needs but to be specific, what does it mean for a repair shop to be qualified as certified?


What Is A Certified Repair Shop?

Any repair shop that claims to be a certified repair shop or inspires to be a certified repair shop needs to meet a list of requirements. These requirements include a technical assessment, collecting customer reviews and satisfaction, including repair warranty and reasonable pricing. Choosing a repair shop that has passed this test and includes these elements can give customers a sense of trust in the repair shop. Being certified can also help customers feel more comfortable booking an appointment online as they are aware that the level of service will be satisfactory. It should not be hard to find a certified auto body shop in South Jersey as certified repair shops are more common than not.


What Is OEM?

An OEM-certified repair shop requires going through an OEM certification process, which can often be costly to the business. Passing an OEM certification process will also take a long period of time to complete. Therefore it is worth the investment to pass if the repair shop believes their work is of high quality and sees that this investment is worth it for their business rates.


What Do You Need To Be A Certified

Here is a more in-depth look at what an NJ body shop will need to become certified:

  • Customer service skills and positive reviews
  • Technical assessment skills
  • Reasonable prices
  • Provide warranty


Customer service skills

Any auto body shop in South Jersey must be able to have strong customer service skills and provide not only customer satisfaction but good customer service reviews. When the auto body repair shop is applying for this certification, good customer service is assessed by surveyed feedback forms that have been completed by various customers. These feedback forms are completed by an array of customers who have booked with the auto repair shop as the survey will not just rely on online reviews. The requirement to pass the certification is that the customer service feedback results must be at least three times what is expected, i.e. the average of the industry standard. Once the feedback forms have been completed by various different customers and reviewed by the program, they will then be shared with the auto body repair shop to highlight where they can improve.


Technical assessment skills

Completing the appropriate technical assessment skills is vital to be qualified with certification. To pass the technical assessment, all auto repair body staff will need to have the experience and training to diagnose and repair various types of vehicles when they have various different types of faults.


Reasonable prices

Reasonable prices are defined by certified mechanics and are dependent on using quality parts that have come from a factory. The pricing will work out to be two sums, the first sum will be for these quality parts and the second will be for the labor time. When pricing labor costs, this should be based on the industry standard and, of course, consider costs that may be dependent on your local area.


Provide a warranty

Providing a warranty on work shows that the auto repair shops have confidence in their own repairs. Providing this warranty on your work to your customers is another way your auto body repair shop will need to function in order to pass the certification. The warranty that is provided on the work must be from a minimum of 12 months or 12,000 miles. This length of warranty must apply to all parts that have been fitted and the labor that has taken place on the vehicle. When choosing what parts to use, it’s advised that any auto repair shop must use original equipment that is factory-made or as good as new, second-hand market parts. It is common for most certified auto body repair shops to offer a longer warranty than 12 months, with the common percentage offering up to a 24-month warranty.


The Benefits Of Certified Auto Body Repair

The benefits of visiting a certified auto repair shop allows you to have confidence that the repair shop has the right equipment, correct training, quality parts, and a good customer service reputation to be able to work correctly when repairing your vehicle. If your car is repaired at a high-quality auto body repair shop, this means that your repair is likely to last a lot longer. If you are aware that your car needs a lot of repairs, visiting a certified repair shop may help you as they will provide a warranty on any work they have done to your vehicle.

Elmers Auto Body has the following Certifications:

How Elmer’s Auto Body Can Help Today

Upgrading your auto repair shop to being certified will not only help your repair shop declare quality workmanship but in the long run, could bring more business your way. When picking a garage, using a certified auto repair shop will not only give you confidence that your repairs are in safe hands but will ensure that you will get customer satisfaction with the repair that has taken place on your vehicle. If you need any repairs to your vehicle call Elmer’s Auto Body today. The team at our auto body repair shop in South Jersey is ready to repair your car back to its original form using quality parts and skilled labor. Read more about our services here.

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