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Auto Body and Collision Repair Center NJ

Acura Recognized Body Shop Repairing Your Vehicle With Original Acura Genuine Parts

Best Auto Body Repair in NJ

We here at Elmer’s Auto Body understand how much you rely on your vehicle to be safe and dependable. Without it, daily life would become tremendously more difficult. You need to be at work on time, you need access to supplies for day to day living, your family has important appointments on a regular basis.

In other words, should your vehicle fail you, your whole life can come to a halt. While regular maintenance and good care go a long, long way towards ensuring that your vehicle is reliable, sometimes the unfortunate can happen.

Accidents do happen, and most damage done by collisions is to your auto body rather than your mechanical systems. Contrary to what you may think, a damaged vehicle body can greatly reduce the safety and dependability of your vehicle just as severely as mechanical damage.

When the unfortunate does occur, you want one of the best auto body shops in south Jersey to come to your rescue.

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Our Auto Body and Collision Repair Services

Our state of the art collision center offers full-stack auto body repairs covering all the key aspects of your vehicle. We understand that you have a choice when it comes to collision auto repair shops, and have made it our mission to provide the absolute best auto body repair in NJ.

Auto Body Repair In South Jersey

  • Auto Body Repair – We’re equipped to handle minor or severe full auto body repair. We have the skills, experience and equipment to get your vehicle looking like new.

Our full repair services include:

  • Dent/Scratch Repair and Removal – We’re equipped to remove severe and minor dents, including paintless dent repair (PDR) which can eliminate costly repainting, paint matching, filling and sanding.
  • Fender/Bumper Repair – Fenders and bumpers are your first lines of defense when a collision occurs. We can expertly repair or replace plastic fenders and bumpers, as well as replace (only) metal fenders and bumpers as well.
  • Hail Damage Repair – Hail is one of the nastiest weather phenomena as far as your car is concerned. These falling ice projectiles can crack windshields, damage paint and dent your car’s body, compromising its safety and reducing its resale value. Our experts can repair hail damage as if it never happened.
  • Auto Painting and Repair – Damaged paint can result in rust, which spreads like cancer, eating your vehicle alive. Our expert painters can match paints perfectly and restore your paintjob to cherry condition in no time flat.
  • Windshield Replacement – Windshield damage, no matter how superficial it may seem, can be severe. Your windshield is part of your car’s structural integrity, and cracks can expand over time. If the crack penetrates the glass and vinyl, it needs to be replaced. Our collision center is equipped to make this happen quickly and properly.
  • Full Safety Inspection – Being one of the best auto body shops in south Jersey means we make safety a priority. We ensure that your crumple zones and airbags are in full working order, so you can drive safely with your family and friends.

Certified Dealer Body Shop In South Jersey

What makes us one of the very best collision auto repair shops in the area? If your full services list doesn’t make it clear, perhaps our extensive certifications will!

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Our Shops have the following industry leading certifications:

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If you are in the need of auto body repairs, contact Elmer’s Auto Body Repair Service today to learn more about our highly trained staff. You can reach us by phone or complete the simple form online to learn more.



From touch ups to scratch repair and full auto body repaints, Elmer’s Auto Body provides OEM quality automotive paint services.

We offer comprehensive auto body repair services, from repairing minor dents and dings to restoring the entire vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Remove dents, scratches and gouges from your bumper with bumper repair by Elmers Auto Body. Find a location near you & get an estimate today!

Local fender repair experts in Southern New Jersey. Full-Service Repairs for all types of fender damage. Give us a call today. 

We perform hail damage repair and paintless dent removal in South Jersey. No matter what damage hail may have done to your car.

We offer several types of auto glass replacement services to South Jersey residents: Reach out to our technicians today.

Paintless dent removal is the fastest, most effective, and cost-effective method of removing minor dents and creases from your vehicle.

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If your vehicle was involved in an accident or damaged, contact Elmer’s Auto Body.

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