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When your vehicle is in a collision, your bumper is often the first part of the car to absorb the impact. In some cases, your bumper will prevent significant damage to the rest of your car but sustain damage itself. For this reason, you want bumpers that operate as they are designed to do. At Elmer’s Auto Body, we specialize in car bumper repair, getting your car back to pre-accident condition as quickly as possible.

We have three goals when repairing your vehicle:

  1. Restoring the appearance of the vehicle
  2. Restoring the performance and safety of the vehicle
  3. Provide lasting repairs with high quality replacement parts and paint
Bumper Repair and Replacement
Car Bumper Repair

Bumper Repair and Replacement

The technicians at Elmer’s Auto Body are I-CAR Gold Class certified technicians who understand how important your bumpers are to your vehicle. For this reason, our technicians perform thorough examinations of the bumper and its supports to be sure that it is repaired properly. You know that when our technicians have repaired your bumper, your vehicle is safe and back in road-ready condition.

Services Offered

  • In-house bumper repair service
  • Repair and replace plastic bumper
  • Replacement (only) of metal bumpers
  • Commercial fleet bumper repairs
  • Paint rebuffing
  • Foreign and domestic vehicles
  • Paintless Dent Repair

Common Areas That May Need to Be Repaired

Because bumpers are designed for impact, a damaged bumper may look like the only injury to your car. In fact, the impact from the bumper may have caused other damage to your car that cannot be seen from the outside. It is possible that a collision could cause the bumper to strike the frame of your vehicle, causing damage. Even if the area around the bumper once it is removed looks fine, it is possible there could be damage further inside the vehicle that will only be seen with a thorough examination. At Elmer’s Auto Body, we look beyond the bumper to determine if additional repairs to your car are necessary.

Common Areas That May Be Damaged

  • Lights: Fog lights, turn signals, and decorative lights can all be wired into a bumper. These lights must be disconnected, removed, and replaced or reinstalled.
  • Trim: A modern bumper usually has several trim pieces that must be carefully removed prior to repair or replacement.
  • Warning Systems: It’s not unusual to find backup sensors, cameras, vehicle sensors, lane-change warning sensors, and more in a modern bumper.
  • Airbag Sensors: Some bumpers contain sensors for airbag deployment. For obvious reasons, these sensors must be removed very carefully.
  • Air Intakes: While not as common, some vehicles feature a cold-air intake mounted in the front bumper.
Common Areas That May Need to Be Repaired
How to Choose a Bumper Repair Shop

How to Choose a Bumper Repair Shop

It is important that the bumper repair shop you choose does a thorough inspection of your vehicle. A bumper with a minor dent or scrape may actually be hiding significant damage inside your car. You also want to choose a repair shop with experience working on both plastic-covered as well as formed thermoplastic bumpers. Your bumper repair shop should also look for hidden damage that may not be visible initially. Elmer’s Auto Body fills all those needs with their talented, experienced technicians.

Our Shops have the following industry leading certifications:

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Why Choose Elmer’s Auto Body For Bumper Repair?

With decades of experience, Elmer’s Auto Body has been repairing and replacing bumpers on vehicles like yours on a daily basis. Our technicians are I-CAR certified which means we have the training and knowledge necessary to have your bumper protecting your car quickly and efficiently. We can bill your insurance company directly and have experience working with most insurance companies.

  • Industry Leading Paint-Matching Technology
  • Highest-Quality OEM Materials
  • Complete and Professional Paint Repair
  • Hassle Free Negotiation with Insurance Company
  • We are Family Owned
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • 70 yrs Of Collision Repair Experience
  • Reduced Cycle Time – Get your car back sooner!
Why Choose Elmer’s Auto Body For Bumper Repair?

If you have been in a collision and need your bumper repaired or replaced, contact Elmer’s Auto Body today. You can complete the easy form online or give us a call to speak to a technician who can guide you through the entire process.

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