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Auto Paint Repair In New Jersey

The paint on your vehicle can be damaged even if you are not in a collision. Stones, doors from other cars in parking lots or other bumps can leave chips and scratches in your vehicle paint. These are not only a nuisance but mar the outward appearance of your car. In addition, chips can lead to rust which can lower the value of your car and cause even more damage to the exterior. Elmer’s Auto Body can address those chips and get your car looking like new again.

Why Choose Us?

  • Industry Leading Paint-Matching Technology
  • Highest-Quality OEM Materials
  • Complete and Professional Paint Repair
  • Hassle Free Negotiation with Insurance Company
  • We are Family Owned
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • 70 yrs Of Collision Repair Experience
  • Reduced Cycle Time – Get your car back sooner!
Autobody Paint repair
Auto Paint Repair Process

Our Auto Paint Repair Process

At Elmer’s Auto Body, we begin the process as if we are working on a clean canvas. Our shop is clean, free from dirt, grease and other substances that could affect the finish on your car. The area that needs to be painted is then prepped and primed before a basecoat is applied. Once that is complete, a clear topcoat is applied to restore the natural gloss of your car. Once the painting is complete, our technicians inspect the surface for any blemishes. If any are found, they are lightly sanded and polished to perfection.

steps to a perfect paint job

  • Inspect the vehicle for surface imperfections.
  • Fill and sand the vehicle to provide a smooth surface for the paint.
  • Prime the vehicle for protection.
  • Repeat sanding the vehicle prior to the base coat application.
  • Apply the base color coat
  • Apply a clear protection coat.
  • Inspect the finished paint job and touch any small imperfections.

Minor Paint Repairs

If you have minor chips in your paint, it is possible that the experienced technicians at Elmer’s Auto Body can smooth out those chips and repair the paint quickly and easily. Even a minor chip can cause damage to your exterior, so you don’t want to ignore them. A tiny ding from a car door or a strike from a stone tossed from a tire in front of you can result in eventual rust, so you want to get those tiny marks taken care of as soon as you can.

4 Types Of Paint Scratches

  • Scuffs – Very light surface scratches
  • Clear-Coat Scratches also called Swirl Marks, these are longer scratches than a scuff, but has not penetrated past the clear coat layer
  • Paint Scratch – These scratches have gotten into the paint layer
  • Deep Paint Scratches Exposed bare metal or plastic
Minor Paint Repairs
Full Auto Body Painting

Full Auto Body Painting – Major Collision Paint Job

If you have been involved in a major collision, you may need extensive paint repairs. In fact, it is possible that you could need your entire vehicle painted. All technicians at Elmer’s Auto Body are I-CAR Gold Star certified so you know your paint job will be done correctly and that your car will look as good as it did before your accident. Our guarantee lets you know that the job will be done right or we will fix it until it is to your satisfaction.

We have experience repairing the following Major Collisions:

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Side-impact collisions
  • Sideswipe collisions
  • Vehicle Rollover
  • Head-on collisions

Experienced Auto Body Painters in New Jersey

Our auto body technicians are certified by I-CAR which means they have set the bar higher in terms of safety, customer satisfaction, performance and results. They have trained extensively for their certification and demonstrated that they not only understand the best way to make your exterior look as good as it did before it was damaged, but that you need a car that is reliable and safe. With decades of experience, our technicians look beyond the simple body work on the outside with an understanding that there can be hidden damage beneath the surface.

Our Shops have the following industry leading certifications:

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Experienced Auto Body Painters

If your vehicle has been involved in a collision or you have a few minor chips that need addressing, call Elmer’s Auto Body today or complete the easy form online to schedule an appointment.

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