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How To Minimize Vehicle Depreciation After An Accident

Everyone knows a car will depreciate over time and with accident involvement, the vehicle depreciates just as quickly. How can you minimize vehicle depreciation after an accident? Here are some guidelines that will help you understand what happens with vehicle depreciation.   Vehicle Repairs When you make repairs to a

Protecting Your Car’s New Paint After Collision Repairs

After a visit to the collision shop, your vehicle will come home with a newly painted surface. A skilled auto body mechanic uses a meticulous process to match the fresh paint with your existing color. This process involves applying several layers of primer, paint, and clear coat. Once that is

Can an Accident Void My Vehicle’s Warranty?

When you have a new car, a warranty can give you some peace of mind. If there is a problem, many mechanical issues are covered by these warranties. However, if your car is involved in an accident, you might wonder if any repair work will void that vital warranty. When

What To Do In Case Of A Deer-Related Collision

It’s no fun when you’re driving along during the early day or night, and suddenly a deer jumps out in front of your vehicle. You either have to avoid the run-in or plow right into the animal and experience the risks and damages that it does to possibly you, passengers,

The Different Types of Windshield Glass Damage

Your car windshield plays an important role. It keeps you safe from debris and dirt on the road. It can bear an onslaught of rain and hail during those severe thunderstorms. While it is solid and durable, the windshield can become damaged after a severe impact. When your car has

Auto Body Repair for Classic Cars

If you have a classic car, you’re probably seriously into restoring it to pristine condition. You can attempt the work yourself, but it’s not a simple task, and you might not complete the job to your liking. Turning to professional experts may be the answer. Classic cars increase in value,