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Auto Body and Collision Repair Near Me

Best Auto Body and Collision Repair Near Me

Your vehicle is integral to functioning in today’s on-the-go lifestyle. You’re always in a rush to get somewhere – work, appointments, errands. On top of this, your whole family is just as busy. If your vehicle has problems, this can really, really throw a wrench in the works.

You take good care of your car with this and its value in mind. You wash it, you park in safe places, you tune your engine and keep on top of tire pressure. In spite of all of this, accidents, weather, and other unforeseen disasters can come from nowhere and do major damage to your auto body.

When this happens, it can be quite stressful. While some think body problems are purely cosmetic, the truth is, damaged glass, panels and frames can make your vehicle unsafe, and damage can spread if left unattended.

You need a top of the line auto body and collision repair shop that’s equipped to handle every problem you can throw at them!

Our State-of-the-Art Repair Services

We offer the full spectrum of auto body repairs, meaning no matter what’s wrong with your vehicle, we can most likely fix it! We also take great interest in your vehicle’s safety, making sure your crumple zones and airbags are fully operational.

Windshield Replacement

Your windshield is crucial to your structural integrity. If it’s deeply cracked, it needs to be replaced immediately.

We do the following glass replacements: 

  • Sunroofs
  • Rear Sliders
  • Front Windshield
  • Rear Windshield
  • Paint rebuffing
  • Foreign and domestic vehicles
  • Paintless Dent Repair

Hail Damage Repair Near Me

Hail is basically death from above to your vehicle. In no time flat, it can cover your car in scratches, dents, and dings. Don’t let hail reduce your resale value, cause spreading rust or compromise your vehicle’s safety!

Paintless Dent Removal Near Me

Paintless dent removal is a challenge we’re up to providing. With PDR, you needn’t worry about sanding down filler and matching paint. This makes it undetectable, capable of preserving your car’s look and feel, and of course, preserving resale value!

Bumper Repair Near Me

Your bumper is crucial to reducing the severity of impacts. When it’s damaged, repairing or replacing it is absolutely mandatory for your safety. Although you probably never think about it, your bumper is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. It is designed to absorb fairly heavy impacts, but that does not mean your car is not damaged. Damages can occur inside your car that are not visible to the naked eye. When you bring your car into Elmer’s Auto Body for a bumper repair, we inspect the entire car to make sure there is no hidden damage before we repair the bumper.

Bumper Repair Services Offered

  • In-house bumper repair service
  • Repair and replace plastic bumper
  • Replacement (only) of metal bumpers
  • Commercial fleet bumper repairs

Automotive Body Repair Shops Near Me

Don’t wait until it’s too late and your vehicle’s body damage has gotten worse and your safety is compromised. Call or visit one of our convenient locations today for an appointment to restore your car to its former glory.

Our Shops have the following industry leading certifications:


From touch ups to scratch repair and full auto body repaints, Elmer’s Auto Body provides OEM quality automotive paint services.

We offer comprehensive auto body repair services, from repairing minor dents and dings to restoring the entire vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Remove dents, scratches and gouges from your bumper with bumper repair by Elmers Auto Body. Find a location near you & get an estimate today!

Local fender repair experts in Southern New Jersey. Full-Service Repairs for all types of fender damage. Give us a call today. 

We perform hail damage repair and paintless dent removal in South Jersey. No matter what damage hail may have done to your car.

We offer several types of auto glass replacement services to South Jersey residents: Reach out to our technicians today.

Paintless dent removal is the fastest, most effective, and cost-effective method of removing minor dents and creases from your vehicle.

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If your vehicle was involved in an accident or damaged, contact Elmer’s Auto Body.



Your life does not stop just because your vehicle needs repairs. You still have responsibilities and places to go. Although Elmer’s Auto Body works to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible, we understand that waiting hours or days or weeks may be impossible. That is why we offer on-site car rental. Now, you no longer have to be stuck in limbo while your car is repaired


Three Convenient Locations

Washington Twp.

290 Delsea Dr,
Sewell, NJ 08080
(856) 456-7018

Mt. Ephraim

201 Crescent Blvd,
Mt Ephraim, NJ 08059
(856) 456-7018

Medford Twp.

181 Route 70
Medford, NJ 08055
(856) 456-7018

Shop Hours: M-F 8 am – 5 pm

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