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Debunking the “Preferred Shop Myth”: What You Need to Know About Post-Repair Inspections

Debunking the "Preferred Shop Myth": What You Need to Know About Post-Repair Inspections

When your car suffers damage and needs repair, insurance companies often guide you towards their list of “preferred shops.” While this sounds convenient, Elmer’s Auto Body, one of the best body shops in NJ, highlights the importance of scrutinizing these recommendations through post-repair inspections.

What’s Wrong with the “Preferred Shop” Recommendation?

The “preferred shop” is a term insurance companies employ to signify body shops they recommend. Generally, you’d think these are auto body shops in South Jersey or wherever you are located, that meet high standards for auto body repair. However, the grim reality might be a bit different than you expect.

A Closer Look: The Eye-Opening Results of Post-Repair Inspections

Let’s explore a case study that unfolded at another facility, as a stark reminder of what could go wrong. A previously “repaired” car at an insurance-recommended shop underwent a post-repair inspection. The results were unsettling to say the least.

The Illusion of a Fixed Frame

For instance, the vehicle’s frame rail extension, a critical part of its structure, was damaged. Instead of replacing it as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, the shop opted for a shortcut. They manipulated the damaged part into an acceptable shape, filled it up with bondo, and called it a day.

Hidden Flaws

Further examination disclosed even more worrying signs. A crucial bracket, which should have been solidly bolted, was merely fixed with a rivet, leaving it wobbly. Corrosion had also begun between panels, threatening to eat through the metal in the near future.

Radiator Support: The Neglected Area

Last but not least, the shop had failed to adequately repair the radiator support area—a key component that bolsters your car’s front-end, including safety features like airbags. They did a cursory job and concealed the existing damage, posing a significant safety risk.

Elmer’s Auto Body: Your Advocate for Quality Repairs

It is essential to be cautious while picking a repair shop, even if your insurance company vouches for it. At Elmer’s Auto Body, the premier NJ body shop, we pride ourselves on conducting thorough post-repair inspections. Unlike other shops, we work for you, not the insurance company, ensuring you get the auto body repair you actually need for a safe and functional vehicle.

So, the next time you find yourself referred to a so-called “preferred shop” by your insurance company, remember, all that glitters is not gold. Take the extra step to ensure your vehicle’s longevity and safety by opting for a post-repair inspection at Elmer’s Auto Body. We offer you not just repairs, but peace of mind.

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