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How Do I Get Hail Damage Repaired on My Car?

Weather can be quite unpredictable at times, and Mother Nature may decide to send some hail your way. It’s nice if you have the opportunity to plan ahead, but your vehicle may be left exposed to the hail if you can’t get to it in time. If hail is small enough in size, your vehicle may hold up just fine. If the size of the hailstones is very large, this can lead to some pretty bad vehicular damage. Generally speaking, hail that is larger than one inch in diameter is worth worrying about. Luckily, Elmer’s Auto Body can take care of any necessary car hail damage repair that you may need.

After hail has swept through your area and you’ve noticed damage has taken place, there are some steps that you should take to address the issue at hand.


Take Photos

Take some photos of your vehicle after it has been damaged. You want recent photos as soon after the damage as possible. Hail usually causes small dents in your paint job, and it might be difficult to get proper photos. You can play around with the angle that you’re taking the photo at. When the light hits the dents in different directions, this will help you take good photos.

Make sure that you save your photos either to the cloud, or you should back them up on your computer at home. Having proof of damage is incredibly important as you move towards having the damage repaired.


Wash Your Vehicle

You’ll need to obtain an estimate for the repairs that are needed, but you want your vehicle to be as clean as possible before you show it to a repair shop. This gives them quick access to your vehicle, and they’ll be able to spot whatever damage needs to be addressed. You don’t have to go to great lengths in order to prepare your vehicle for an estimate, so feel free to skip the coat of wax for now. You’re just trying to get the majority of the dirt, bugs, and debris off your vehicle.


Assess the Damage Yourself

While you can’t write yourself up an estimate for the damage, you can take a look at the vehicle to see what has happened. You’ll want to jot down how many dents there are, and make a list of where those dents are located. Also, take note of any other damage that may have occurred. This might apply to chips in your windshield or damage to your headlights. You can discuss with a professional what you’ve noticed, and make sure that they’ve assessed everything that needs to be fixed.


Hail Damage Car Repair Estimate

You should obtain an estimate for the repair of your vehicle. Your insurance company may want a copy of a few estimates before they will determine that the repair can be covered. The estimate will outline the extent of the damage, what work needs to be done and how long it will take for the work to be completed. There will also be a final cost included. If you’re wondering whether or not does car insurance cover hail damage, this will often depend on the type of coverage that you have. This is always a good thought to keep in mind when you’re choosing your insurance policy. While you may have the best intention when it comes to moving your vehicle inside a garage when hail is forecasted, things don’t always work out how you would hope. Having that safety net to fall back on is important.


If you would like more information regarding having your vehicle fixed after it has incurred damage to its exterior, you can reach out to Elmer’s Auto Body. We can be reached for an appointment by calling us at (856) 218-0202.


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