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How Long Does Car Paint Last?

If you have recently purchased a new vehicle or a very very old one, then you may be wondering how long does car paint last and how do I take care of it? There are a lot of external factors that can damage the paintwork on your car, including some environmental factors. That said, it is more important to know the durability of the paint currently on your vehicle.


How Long Does Car Paint Last?

On average, the paint that is used on your vehicle can last up to 15 years before it starts to show signs of extreme wear. Eventually, the paint will need to be replaced. It is not uncommon to see a car that needs to be repainted after the 10-year mark. The amount of years that the paint on your car will last is really dependent on if the vehicle has been properly cared for. Exposure to outdoor weather conditions or acidic substances can all reduce the number of years your car’s paint will last.


How Long Does Paint Last On A Modern Car?

In the past, cars used to be painted in something called acrylic paint. It’s still an option, but much less common. A lot of modern vehicles now use urethane paint which is designed to reflect UV rays, making the paint more durable. This durability adds to its life expectancy making the estimated time 15 years for a modern car’s paint to last.

How Long Does Paint Last On A Modern Car?

What Is Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paint is commonly used on vehicles as it is the easiest paint to apply but unfortunately does not last as long as other paints. Acrylic paint begins to chip and fade when exposed to long amounts of sunlight. Any people who do up classic cars at home tend to use this kind of paint.


What Is Urethane Paint?

Urethane paint is mainly used in the auto paint world and is a newer form of paint compared to acrylic paint. Urethane paint is harder to apply than acrylic as it is toxic and needs to be applied with special safety equipment. The urethane paint also requires skill to apply. Urethane paint will reflect UV rays and will be better for your car in the long run. If you are wondering what type of paint is commonly used on cars, we would say that any car that is 15 years old and the paint is still intact will have used Urethane paint.


How Long Does Paint Last On A Classic Car?

Any vehicles that were created before the 1960s most likely use acrylic lacquer or acrylic enamel paint. The shades of this paint are extremely lovely but they only last a certain period of time before they need redoing. This is because this type of paint is not resistant to UV rays. The estimated time a classic car using acrylic lacquer or acrylic enamel paint can be exposed to the sun is roughly 5-10 years before the paint starts to fade.


Does It Matter What Type Of Paint I Choose?

When you are choosing what kind of paint you want on your car, it is best to try and pick a better quality paint as this will last you a lot longer in the future. The price of a paint job is reflective of the type of quality paint that will be used on your car. On average, the cost of a paint job on your vehicle can cost anywhere between $500 – $15,000. We would recommend that you choose a paint based on your budget and based on how long you would like it to last.

Does It Matter What Type Of Paint I Choose?

How Can I Take Care Of My Car’s Paint?

If you have just had your car repainted then you will want to make sure that the paint is cared for properly, extending the life of the new paint job so you can enjoy the color for much longer than usual.

There are many things that you can do to protect the paint on your car. Here is a list of ways you can protect your new paintwork:

Aim to protect your car from the weather by parking it in a garage or area that is covered by rain. Purchase a car cover that is made from felt on the inside, this will protect your car from scratches. Purchasing a car cover that is slightly better than a basic version will help protect the temperature of your car, especially in extreme heat. Aim to clean your car as often as possible, especially when you see bird poo or tree sap marks on the paintwork.


How Elmer’s Auto Body Can Help Today

If you need your paint redone or you see that you have a lot of scratches on your car then Elmer’s Auto Body can help. One of the professionals on the team can help you decide which paint is best for your vehicle. If you need any repairs to your vehicle call in at Elmer’s Auto Body today. The team at our auto body repair shop in South Jersey is ready to repair your car back to its original form using quality parts and skilled labor.

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