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Is It Worth It to Repair a Bumper?

Is It Worth It to Repair a Bumper?

The bumper may not seem like the most important part of the car, but maintaining your bumper can help you keep your car at a good value and protect the structural integrity of the car. Little cracks and dents to your bumper seem like minor repairs, therefore is it worth it to repair a bumper?


Should I Repair The Bumper?

Repairing the bumper can be a more cost-effective way of maintaining your car and allowing your car to have more longevity. We would recommend that you look into the different types of bumper repairs that are available at one of our auto body repair shops in South Jersey before deciding if you would like to repair your bumper or replace your bumper.

Whether your bumper needs repairing or replacing is all based on the damage the bumper has undergone. If you have simply scratched your bumper while parking or you have a small dent in the bumper, there will be no need to replace the whole bumper. A bumper repair can range from very affordable prices and is a more budget-friendly method of fixing your bumper.

Repairing a bumper can be a quicker way of fixing the problem, compared to replacing your bumper. Repairing bumpers is the best way to go, especially if you own an older or classic car. Often, if you own an older car like a classic, opting for a bumper repair will be the only way to go as the bumper will not be able to be replaced due to a lack of parts suitable for that particular model.


What are the different types of bumper repairs?

Depending on what your vehicle needs, at our auto body repair shop in South Jersey we can help with all types of bumper repairs. There is a range of repairs that will work on a broken bumper and we can suggest the best repair for your car based on the circumstances. The types of repairs that work for bumpers can range from paintless dent repair to fixing cracks. Here is a list of different types of bumper repairs:

  • Dent Repair
  • Scuff Repair
  • Crack Repair
  • Puncture Repair


1. Dent Repair: There are two types of dent repairs that can be applied to the bumper. The first is paintless dent repair and the second is traditional. A paintless dent repair is a method that will remove the dent from the car in a way that will not affect the paintwork. A paintless dent repair is done by using a varied amount of tools with heat to restore the car. A traditional dent repair works in a similar way to pulling the dent out of the car. This again is done by using specialized tools to smooth the dents and then paint is added to restore the car.

2. Scuff Repair: Repairing scuffs on the bumper can easily be done using filler. The filler is used to fill in the scrapes, which is then sanded down to a smooth even surface. Paint is then applied on top of the filler to make sure the car is restored aesthetically.

3. Crack Repair: Repairing cracks on the bumper is very similar to repairing scrapes and scuffs. If there are splits on the side of the bumper, a plastic filler can be used to seal these crack backs together. Wherever filler is applied to a bumper repair, the filler is then sanded down and painted.

4. Puncture Repair: When repairing punctures on the bumper, the filler can still be used but a popular alternative is to use adhesive. The adhesive works in a very similar way to how the filler would work and would still require the paint to be applied at the final stages to make sure that the car returns to its original look.


Is A Bumper Worth Repairing?

At Elmer’s Auto Body, we believe that a bumper is worth repairing as it can help in many other ways other than the visual aesthetics of the car. Here is a list of reasons why repairing your bumper is worth the effort:

  • The bumper could be unstable: If you have damaged your bumper the hooks may be damaged too, which could make your bumper unstable without you knowing.
  • Insurance claims could be needed: If you are in doubt that your bumper is stable, you should always get your bumper checked over by a professional so that you can be sure your bumper will not fall and cause an accident. Feel free to bring your car to one of our auto body repair shops in South Jersey for a consultation.
  • Your car could lose value: This will be very relevant, especially if you own an older or classic car. The better the condition of your car, the higher the value of your car will be.


Contact Elmer’s Auto Body To Repair Or Replace Your Bumper

If you need any bumper crack, scratch, or dent repairs give us a call at Elmer’s Auto Body today. The team at our auto body repair shop in South Jersey is ready to repair your bumper and get it back to its original form. Schedule your consultation by calling (856) 218-0202 or filling out the contact form.

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