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Protect Your Honda With Certified Collision Repair

Protect Your Honda With Certified Collision Repair

Honda owners know that these vehicles are some of the most reliable cars on the road. They are long-lasting vehicles made for everyday driving. In many cases, it is not uncommon to have a Honda performing for years without any major issues. When you need a repair, you will want to protect your vehicle by taking it to a Honda-certified collision repair shop.


What You Need To Know About Honda-Certified Collision Repairs

Honda has made a recommendation that all its vehicles are repaired by auto body shops and technicians certified to perform Honda repairs. If you have been involved in an accident, it is crucial to take it to a reputable and certified repair shop. These vehicles have their own advanced safety systems, parts, and technology that only a certified technician should handle. When you choose a Certified Honda collision repair shop, these professionals know how to best repair your vehicle.

Honda is committed to safety and wants to ensure that all repairs are made according to its specifications. With the Honda ProFirst Collision Repair program, you are assured that every technician has the right equipment, skills, training, and tools to repair your vehicle safely. Honda offers ongoing training so that your auto body repair team stays up to date on the latest changes that could affect the performance and safety of the vehicle.

Some of the areas that technicians receive specialized training include:

  • On-board safety features
  • Advanced body materials
  • Collision avoidance systems

When you bring your Honda vehicle to a certified shop, you will have some peace of mind that they will only use Genuine Honda parts on your vehicle. With these qualified repairs, you can keep and maintain your original manufacturer’s warranty even after an accident.

There are many reasons why you should choose original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. These parts are guaranteed to meet Honda’s standards for appearance, safety, and fitment, meaning these parts will maintain the structural integrity of your Honda vehicle as designed by the company’s engineers.

Additionally, a Honda-certified collision repair shop offers technicians unlimited access to repair guidelines and information exclusively from the manufacturer. They can use all the proper tools and equipment to match the specifications of these vehicles. Plus, the technicians and shops must be I-CAR Gold Certified to complete a repair on your vehicle.

Requirements of Honda’s Collision Repair Certification Program

Most vehicle manufacturers have strict requirements for repairs. With the ProFirst program, all shops and technicians must meet stringent standards to be certified to handle collision repair. With these standards, Honda can ensure that the repairs are completed to their specifications. First, any shop that wants to be certified will need to be an I-CAR Gold Class, Medallion, or VeriFact VQ shop.

Along with that, the technicians will take specific training that is designed and administered through the I-CAR program. These details are specific to the Honda line of vehicles. This training is required for anyone who takes on the roles of a structural technician, nonstructural technician, or estimator. Every shop must have one technician who completes these hands-on training programs.

All certified auto body shops will need to maintain the proper tools, equipment, and technology from Honda. With that, these professionals have committed to repairing your Honda vehicle to factory specifications by following the manufacturer’s safety and security protocols. Also, all auto body shops must use genuine parts and maintain the facility standards to Honda’s specifications.

Honda also wants to ensure that all shops meet their standards for customer service. With that, Honda requires the shop to have a full inspection by an independent third-party auditor. These auto body shops also need to maintain a customer contact program so that their customers know their certifications.


Get a Repair from a Honda-Certified Shop

When you have been in an accident, you want to avoid taking a chance with an unauthorized shop, especially if you want to maintain the appearance and warranty of your vehicle. A certified collision repair team has the skills and training to deliver the highest level of service to your vehicle. As a result, these technicians will only use authorized parts and tools to repair the car according to Honda’s standards.


Reach Out To Elmer’s Auto Body

You don’t want to leave your vehicle at any repair shop. These collision repairs must be handled by professionals who understand all of Honda’s safety features and systems, using only OEM parts and equipment.

With our experienced technicians, we will restore the vehicle back to its original factory finish. We understand that repairing a car is more than a cosmetic fix. You want your Honda repaired back to the vehicle’s pre-accident condition.

We stand behind our work and uphold our reputation as a Honda-certified collision repair shop. You can guarantee to have the highest quality repair work completed on your vehicle. Our shop will even help with your insurance claim, making the collision repair process easier for you.

Whether you have major collision damage or a small fender bender, you will want to get it fixed right the first time. Our auto body shop ensures your complete satisfaction with any repair. Hondas are durable vehicles that will last for many years. When it comes time to get your vehicle fixed, take it to a Honda-certified collision shop. Do you need an “auto body shop near me?” You can schedule a free estimate or repair by calling Elmer’s Auto Body at (856) 218-0202.

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