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Take Control of Your Auto Repairs: Don’t Let Your Insurance Dictate Your Choices

Take Control of Your Auto Repairs: Don't Let Your Insurance Dictate Your Choices

When it comes to auto body repair in New Jersey, Elmer’s Auto Body understands the dilemma many drivers face: the pressure exerted by insurance companies to opt for their “preferred shops.” Let’s set the record straight—you have the ultimate power to choose where your vehicle gets repaired. And contrary to what your insurance company might suggest, their “preferred shops” may not always be the best option.

The Freedom to Choose Your NJ Auto Body Shop

You, as the car owner, have the legal right to select your auto body repair shop in New Jersey. Elmer’s Auto Body, recognized as one of the premier body shops in the Garden State, has had the privilege of serving numerous customers. Sadly, many of them have previously been subject to subpar repairs from insurance-endorsed “preferred shops.

Why Insurance “Preferred Shops” May Not Be the Best Option

So, what’s the underlying issue with these insurance-recommended auto body repair shops? From our extensive experience in the industry, we’ve witnessed the aftermath of inadequate work. The issues range from simple cosmetic errors to significant mechanical failures, such as improperly calibrated brakes. Opting for these shops could compromise your safety—a risk you shouldn’t have to take.

Prioritize Certified Expertise for Guaranteed Safety

Safety is not just a buzzword at Elmer’s Auto Body; it’s our core value. Our team of factory-certified technicians is proficient in repairing a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. By selecting us, you’re choosing unparalleled expertise, ensuring your car is repaired correctly the first time. In doing so, you’re also safeguarding your family against any potential hazards stemming from poor-quality repairs.


Regain control over your vehicle’s repair process. Place your trust in a proven facility like Elmer’s Auto Body, where we put emphasis not just on the quality of the repair but also on customer satisfaction. After all, when it comes to auto body repairs, you should settle for nothing less than excellence.

So, the next time your insurance company tries to steer you toward their “preferred” choice, remember that Elmer’s Auto Body is your trusted choice for top-notch auto body repair in New Jersey.

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