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Were You Just In An Accident? How Long The Repairs Will Take

Were You Just In An Accident? How Long The Repairs Will Take

If you were just in an accident you, of course, worry from the very beginning about the accident itself and how long any repairs to your vehicle will take. There are many factors that determine the time involved in repairing your vehicle. Maybe you won’t be able to pick an exact time for any repairs to happen and be taken care of, but there are things to consider that help the process along its way. Here are some important influences.


Factors Influencing How Long It Takes to Repair a Car

After you’ve been in a collision, your insurance company should assign an adjuster to your claim and the adjuster should give you an estimate on repairs after the collision. Just remember, an estimate is just what it says it is. Costs will probably be considerably more or perhaps less. Take that into consideration with any repair work done to your vehicle.

The factors involved in influencing how long it takes to repair your vehicle can include:

1. Delays in the repair process as you go to pick up your vehicle on the appointed day and find out there is a delay

2. Other cars in line waiting for repairs

3. The extent of damage to your vehicle

4. Your insurance provider’s processing your claim, approving it, and finding a repair shop

5. There may be additional repairs beyond the ones originally found

6. A mechanic may need additional time to finish the job, they may be sick, or could have an emergency in the family and could not get to your vehicle repairs

7. Your insurance provider doesn’t pay the mechanic in a timely manner, so your vehicle remains in the shop until the check gets to the repair shop

8. The vehicle you own (any foreign vehicle, sports car or specialty vehicle parts may take longer for them to receive).

9. You submit your claim to your insurance company and several days may go by until they decide about your claim.

Delays are usually inevitable, and the best way to overcome them is to remain in contact with your insurance provider and the repair shop. Remaining in communication allows you to stay ahead of the situation with your vehicle and helps you deal with any delays.


Estimating How Long It Takes to Repair a Car

With a vehicle that has serious damage, it’s difficult to tell exactly how much work is required and how long it will take to repair it. Once the vehicle is down to its bare bones and inspected, it will only be then that body shop experts can determine the time involved in repairing it. When that’s the case, several estimates may be necessary through different body shops. Whether your insurance company adjuster recommends a body shop for their insurance work or you need to think seriously about any other reputable auto body shop near me that can do the work in a reasonable amount of time. Remember, the time to repair your vehicle will coincide with the damage your vehicle sustained.

If you’re simply replacing a bumper, it may take a few days to finish, but if your vehicle requires more intense bodywork, it could take considerably more time. With major work, different parts of your vehicle require removal and this also takes additional time. You want your vehicle to get the repairs it needs before driving it away from a repair center. You certainly don’t want to go back to the repair shop when undetected repairs pop up and you’re out of your car once again.


Estimating Average Collision Repair Cost

Estimating the average costs of repair for your vehicle will depend on not only the situation surrounding the damage but other factors. Those costs will revolve around the following.

  • The year, make, and model of your vehicle. The parts for newer and more popular models are usually available; however, older or exclusive vehicle parts are harder to come by and require both ordering and searching for those parts.
  • A detailed repair is going to be included in the costs. Whether it’s a paint job or more detail work, additional time is necessary to complete the work and cost comes into play with those repairs.
  • The labor involved in your repair is also a part of the cost. A mechanic or other technicians work hard to get your vehicle in shape and you compensate them for their efforts. It all adds to the cost of the repairs to your vehicle.
  • Collision repair costs can be costly and you’ll need to know what to look for when the costs are high. Even the smallest of accidents can lead to expensive repair costs. You want simple answers on costs, so a little research should provide you with what you need to know about repair costs.
  • You also need to understand the full extent of any damage to your vehicle. Many costs are hidden, such as leaky windows and windshields, wire replacement, frame parts, welding of parts, and any other damages that increase repair costs.
  • It’s inevitable that classic, foreign, unique styles, custom cars, and other exclusive vehicles are going to take longer to fix. Repairs and parts for these vehicles will take both time and additional money to repair.

Any kind of auto repair is going to take time, particularly when you have extended repairs because of a major accident. Whether you have a major or minor accident, you’ll need the advice and help of a trusted auto body shop and Elmer’s Auto Body in South Jersey is a family-owned and operated business that makes any kind of service convenient and easy for you. Our exceptional service is second to none and our 70 years of service is proof of that. Call us at (856) 218-0202. We will meet all your vehicle needs.

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